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Emergency: Breeder Rescue in MD

I'm crossposting this to all forums and lists I'm on. Please feel free to crosspost. Thank you. I know(and am involved with) the parties involved in the rescue, so this is 100% legit. A sad and sickening situation

Dear All,

By all accounts, this season has been a rough one for all
shelters. I have worked closely for years with my sister shelters on the East Coast, and I know first-hand that we all are currently working to full capacity. However, Friday morning Kim Sikorski and I picked up 62 ferrets. 24 hrs earlier there were 76 ferrets, and the breeder is being held accountable by Washington County Animal Control as to there whereabouts.

Thanks to Rob and Lynn Toole, we have the bedding to accommodate the cages. We are very grateful for SOS recognizing the urgent need and donating directly to United to cover our CEP testing. However, we need your help financially in supporting the distemper vaccinations, rabies vaccinations, neutering and spaying, and all the possible medical
expenses that will come from this rescue. We have received ferrets ranging in age from 4 months to 8 years, all intact, and unsocialized.
They saw sunlight for the first time today, and they danced in their carriers while waiting for us to load and transport. They have lived their entire lives in an unventilated, windowless, garage, with the human contact being when they were fed and watered.

We can most certainly expect some very special elder kids in need of surgery or supportive medical care for life. One little girl that looks to be at least 8yrs and still intact, hair loss indicates adrenal, clung to us from cage to carrier. She didn't want to let go. This is just one of the special kids in this rescue. We are looking for special homes, for special kids.

This is a major rescue, and we need your help financially. The last
large breeder rescue on the East Coast that Kim and I coordinated included 33 ferrets, at a cost of over $3,000.00, with a veterinarian doing the surgeries at near cost. We need funds, pure and simple.
We will triage all these ferrets, first and foremost collecting and
sending in blood for the United CEP ADV tests, beginning the distemper vaccinations, rabies vaccinations and have a vet examine and diagnose each ferret.

62....SIXTY-TWO.....Can you help? If so please direct your donation to [email protected] , or send a donation, made payable to Rocky's at Barb Clay, 832C Falls Rd., Parkton, Md. 21120.

We are a pro-adoption shelter....no matter what their need, we know there is a family capable of loving them through it. Once triaged, we will accept the outreach from our sister shelters that has already been offered, and certainly consider any other offers of help to make this horrible situation the best for the ferrets that are tonight finally safe and comfortable here at Rocky's.

Thank you
Barb Clay
Dir of Shelter Affairs Rocky's Ferret Rescue and
Shelter, Inc.
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Link to pics of the actual rescue. Warning, they are graphic and rather upsetting


And a link to the ferrets all cleaned up who will be looking for their forever homes soon

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I think it is so wonderful that these fuzzies were saved. I first read about it on the ferret store forums. The pics are so sad but it's so wonderful that they are out of that now.
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It's amazing how the entire ferret community has come together to support these little fuzzies. I know of people driving from Florida and Arizona specifically to adopt these special needs ferrets, and picking up a few along the way for other loving homes. It's simply amazing.
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I agree it is a great thing to see people so caring! If the finds & space were available I would run a ferret rescue myself... but at the moment that is not an option

At least these babies are safe & well now!
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