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Question Escaped? What should I do???

The other night I was walking to the ATM nearest my house, it was quite late (about 11.00) and it was a nice night. I decided to walk back a different way than I normally do. I was walking past a large field when I saw something white moving around in the grass, curious, I jumped over the fence to see what it was. When I got closer the thing froze, it looked like a white ferret (keep in mind I don't know much about ferrets). Around this area there is nothing like this in the wild so I presumed it must have been a pet. I looked around for an owner but no-one was anywhere near.
I thought if it was a pet then it must have escaped so I decided to try and catch it in my jacket and find out where it came from. Surely someone was missing it. When I got closer it turned to me and hissed really loudly and triued to jump at me, quite agressivley. I was really really shocked so I froze. Then it ran off into a bush and over a wall so I couldn't follow it.

I've asked around and from what I can see no-one in that area knows anything about it. Now I don't know what to do. Should I put up pamphlets reporting the sighting or what? Or was it just wild?
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If indeed it was a ferret most likely it hissed at you because you startled it. Did it let off a REALLY loud scream (screach sorta). White ferrets are prone to deafness as a general rule and tend to be very vocal as a defense.was it's tail bottle brushed? (poofed up) I highly doubt it was wild, although I don't know much about ferrets in the UK, so I guess it's possible.

I would call a local shelter or animal control center if yuo have one. Flyers certainly may help... but with the animal not being in your posession flyers may not do as much. Ferrets tend to be hiders, so if you are likley to find it again, it will probably be along side a building or under brush of some sort where it will be relatively dark.

Good luck and please do keep us updated!!
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I would post some flyers saying youd seen it.
Likely hood is the hiss was indeed a note of suprise as it is most likely deaf as previously said.
Call the rspca and ask if a missing fuzzy has been reported. they may ask you to point out where you saw it and try to capture it. (a ferret would be perfect pray for a fox)
If they cant do anything it might be a good idea to go back and leave a little food out. Kitten food or a little bit of chicken. If it is indeed used to humans and feedingit may come to you with a food incentive.
Hope this helps.
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animal control, kitten food, local shelter

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