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Exclamation Ferret Proofing...

Ferret Proofing Your Home:

Any ferret owner will tell you that these animals get into everything. If they are determined enough, they will go nearly anywhere they want around the house, and may even get outside. That is, if you don't take the proper steps to limit their access to various sections of the house. This procedure is also known as ferret-proofing.

Click for the Article on how to Ferret-Proof
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So here's another question for you all

My kitchen, dining room and living room are all open to each other. My ferrets have the run of this space when I'm watching them and nothing bad has ever happened. Hearing horror stories about how bad kitchens can be for ferrets though, I want to block off this area. Does anyone have suggestions for how to block it off? I keep thinking of something sort of like a baby playpen, but it couldn't have horizontal wires because they'd just use it like a staircase! Is there some material out there that is either solid or has vertical wires only so they couldn't get through, but i'd still be able to step over? It would have to be about 5-6 ft wide to span the opening to the kitchen.

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try looking at petsmart.com they have a ferret exercise cage that might work for you.
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OMG Kemasa! I am SOO sorry I missed this! Here is what I do in my mobile home so they can't get down the hallway to the back bedrooms:

Go to a home remodeling place (Home Depot, Menards, Lowes or the like) Get a thin board (1/4" thick will work fine) then get 2 thin boards for making a track on the side walls (I used the boards you would buy when finishing off a ceiling the would go in the corners of the wall & ceiling they come in 8 ft sections)

Cut your boards & tracking down to the size you need for the opening into the kitchen. Then nail or screw the tracking into place making sure the tracking is just a tad wider then the board you are using as a divider.) You should then be able to slide the board between your tracks on each side of the wall.

With the board having a smooth surface they cann't climb it. (providing there is nothing next to it they could climb up on to make them taller )

I used this for about 3 years until recently. I now use child gate. My ferrets have gotten so used to not being "allowed" down the hallway that they don't even try anymore... however if the gate isn't there they make a run for it!

hope this helps!!
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Yes, they do have like a mesh type gate: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/produ...34286%3A134287 they will come in handy. I hope I help you out some. I block my ferret from the kitchen with boxes, but I am thinking about investing in one of these gates due to the fact I have 2 small children as well and a chinchilla.
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be advised though Leslie... ferrets can still climb that

to be totally honest a solid board or surface would be best.
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Yeah, I know ferrets climb alot, mine isn't a big climber, he is always on the run, so he doesn't really have time to stop and climb on furniture or anything. I wonder if you sprayed some of the apple stuff for ferrets (it is used to train them) if it would keep them from climbing. I may get another ferret in a long long time from now, but right now, I have enough. I am getting one next weekend, hopefully, and I think I will wait for awhile until I can narrow down the cage limits.
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My ferrets are not allowed anywhere there are appliances or chemical storage; but I am lucky enough to have doors I can close to keep them out of those bad rooms. They have the dining & living rooms and my office in which to play. However, on another forum, they were getting sheets of plexiglass and lining the tops of them with some kind of tubing which was split on one side. They got it from home improvement places. Good luck with this.
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First years makes a clear swing baby gate that will expand up to 42 1/2". This is not wide enough for your situation however it will work for most doorways. The gate has clear panels and can be used as a pressure gate or as a swing gate. Be aware that the photo on the box is not accurate as to the amount of space under the gate and small fuzzies can go under it when it is mounted as a swing gate. Because I have a female that is just a tad over a pound I am unable to use it as a swing gate. I suppose that if you wanted to, you could create your own bottom hinge support from a block of 2x4 wood cut to a shorter height using the hinge that comes with it as a guide. I know target carries them, other places may also if you check around.

Moon & Crew
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I had a ferret that could jump pretty high to latch onto the top of a barrier and climb over. This is what I did, it worked really well. I've used it for skunks too. Get a piece of that black plastic drainage tubing from Home Depot. Get the larger diameter, I think it's around 5 or 6 inches. Cut it to the width of the doorway, and cut a slit all of the entire length. Put it on the board using the slit. The round top prevents the ferret from getting a grip to get over. That kept my barrier to only 18". Also I found for gaps like between the wall and the stove that corrugated plastic works well. It's easy to cut, comes in many colors, can be bent as needed, and is pretty cheap at plastic stores. Hope this helps!
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Link dont work...

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Ferrets have abilities that can more easily lead them into trouble. They can find their way into spaces that even a small cat wouldn’t consider. Ferret-proofing the house against ingress behind the stove, getting inside the couch, falling off the second floor landing and other areas is essential.

This is also the reason why it may be a good idea to only have the ferret in one or two rooms of your home, and only when someone is around to keep at least a bit of an eye on the ferret and what it’s up to!

1) Are all cleaning supplies and medications stored in top cabinets or cabinets with strong childproof latches?

2) Are the spaces under cabinets, stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers blocked off in the kitchen and bathroom? Are all small openings that could lead to the outside or inside the walls blocked off?

3) Are the toilet lids down when the ferrets are about (ferrets can climb into toilets while trying to drink the water)?

4) Is the bar soap in an area that is out of the reach of your ferret (ferrets can climb onto some bathroom counters and can reach the bathtub soap dish)?

5) Are foam rubber or soft rubber items such as hand exercise weights, shoe inserts, toys, buckets with foam rubber handles, coasters, rubber bands or drink holders out of the reach of your ferret?

6) Are all sponges and Styrofoam products in an area where your ferret can't reach them?

7) Are your house plants out of ferret reach?

8) Do you have a "ferret safe" room in your home where your ferrets can play without constant supervision? Are your ferrets caged when you are asleep or not home?

9) Are unsafe rooms blocked off with ferret proof barriers?

10) Is your laundry room always blocked off and off limits to your ferret?

11) Do you make sure your ferret is not inside a chair or couch before you sit down? Are there openings in the couch or chair where your ferret can hide and come into contact with couch stuffing?

12) Do you check your laundry before you put it in the washing machine to make sure there isn't a sleeping ferret in the clothing?
Do you check the clothes dryer before you run it?

13) Do you check the inside of the dishwasher before you start it?

14) Do you have a chair that reclines? Do make sure all of your ferrets are accounted for before you recline in it (ferrets can get crushed in chair and couch springs)?

15) Are there pieces of furniture or shelving that your ferret can climb and get hurt if they fall? Do you supervise them around these items?

16) Do you cut cardboard toilet paper and paper towel rolls in half before throwing them in a wastebasket (ferrets can get their head stuck in them and suffocate)? Do you make sure that you keep wastebaskets with harmful material out of your ferret's reach?

17) Are your ferret's toys made out of hard rubber, tightly braided rope, and plastic? Do they play with sturdy stuffed animals that don't have small pieces that can be chewed off?

I hope this helps.
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That's a good list.
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