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Ferretone Alternative and Ferretlax Question

Buttercup here won't touch Ferretone to save her life, so I was wondering if there are alternatives to it? I don't really see much of a selection of that sort of thing in pet stores. I had tried using it on her belly to clip her nails before, but it seemed like she was licking it off more because she wanted it off than because she liked it.

Also, when do you give the ferret Ferretlax? Is it a periodical thing, or just when you think there might be a problem? Been confused about that.

And now... some pictures of her:

These are the only decent ones so far. There are more, but they're blurry and you can't see her face too well because she never stops moving... heh
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ferrettone isn't really a requirement... some people use it and some don't. Each ferret is so individual & unique with what they do & don't like. 2 of mine like ferretone & 2 don't. I usually only give it to them once in a great while or if they are sick.

As for the ferretlax ... I usually give mine about a 1" ribbon about once a week or every other week... just for preventative maintenance of hairballs & such. Right now one of my ferts are shedding so he is getting it every other day until he is done.
You don't want to give too much though because it cleans out their digestive tracts & pushes everything through (including food), so if given too much it doesn't allow them to absorb the needed nutrients from their food.

Buttercup is a beautiful little girl btw!! Thanks for sharing! can't wait to see more of her!
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Buttercup is very beautiful; looks almost like my fuzzies except my fuzzies have more black on their noses. I have one picky ferret that won't have anything to do with any of the snacks and the other will eat anything he can get. Frenzy, the picky one, has started taking a liking to ferretone because i kept putting a few drops on his stomach when he was good or after grooming. At first i thought he just was trying to get it off but about a week ago my boyfriend put some of the ferretone on a treat that he didn't like and because he liked the ferretone, he ate the treat along with the ferretone.

I suggest just keep trying with the ferretone; they may not like it because they are simply unfamiliar with it. But if the ferretone never does work then you can keep trying other treats on the market for ferrets. I have this one treat that smells like peanut butter, makes me want to eat it up too. Also i have heard of cheerios? And other non sugary cereals or a very very small piece of fruit. I have bought about 3-4 different types of treats trying to get Frenzy to like one of them.

Oh, when exactly is shedding season? I know its the spring and fall but not sure when to expect it. Right now i'm giving my ferrets about 1" ribbon about 2 times a week just in case either one of them swallow something.
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