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ferrets or chins?

Hey all,

I've been wanting a couple of ferrets forever. My husband has just about caved, but I'm concerned about having ferrets and having birds? It seems stupid, since a lot of people have birds and dogs, birds and cats, birds and snakes... but does anyone have any positive/negative experiences to share that might dissuade me or pursuade me?

I've also been thinking about chins and guinea pigs. I used to have a chin, but I had to give her up for circumstances beyond my control If I decided to go against ferrets, I'd probably get another chin (hubby doesn't like piggies).

So... ferret people... please convince me to get a ferret

I'm doing my research, of course, and I'm looking to maybe adopt if I can find a place in my area (UT). This won't happen any time soon... we're talking maybe for my birthday in June.
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I had birds with ferrets some years ago...as long as the bird cage is out of reach, and they never are free at the same time in the apartment, it worked out just fine...the birds never cared about the ferrets at all, cause they felt safe.

So, I wouldn't worry...of course...some birds are more afraid than others, so you should keep an eye on them, to see if they are having any changes in their behavior, are very stressed etc. If it seems that they are very nervous and jumpy after a month, then you might have to consider finding them a new home. It's not healthy for a animal always being on guard and feel insecure in their own home...but hopfully they will react like mine birds did.

Good luck!

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bird cage, guinea pig

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