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Ferrets smell? plus my dad complaining! lol

Hi everyone!

I've been considering on getting a new ferret in the next year or two as my hamsters will most likely be in hamster heaven from old age. I talked to my mom about it, she's always wanted one and my dad did too for a time but I was just born so they figured it'd be better to wait until I was older and then I guess they decided not to get one. I asked my dad if he liked ferrets, he responded "Why?!" I said "Oh just thinking about getting one in the next couple years." He said "You don't want a ferret! They smell so bad! A nasty musky smell! You know how a dog smells when it's wet and goes outside and comes back inside, how awful the smell is? Or better yet take off your shoes and smell of them after a few months?" I said "Yeah but I doubt they smell that bad! I've been to these small local pet stores where they have about 8-10 of them and i've been near the cage and they don't really have a smell. And when I was about 10 years old (16 years old right now) I saw this couple at the park with their ferrets and they didn't smell." He said "Have you ever actually picked a ferret and smell of it?" I said "No." He said "Okay next time pick one up and smell of it." I said "Okay but I just thought it'd be neat to have one after 2 animals go and since they have a personality of a dog, cat and hamster sort of and I only plan on getting one so the smell won't be that bad and probably not any worse than the smell of 2 hamsters in my room when they're bedding needs changed." He said "If you can really handle that awful musky smell then *makes noise of disgust* Hmm 2 animals go and 1 animal back? That's great! So when that animal dies and you have take another animal back and when that animal dies and get 1 more and then that one dies and there'll be no more animals! Sounds like a good plan to me!" I said "Yes two animals, two hamsters that is!" He said "Awhaha I see what you're doing" I said "Hey I said two animals and you said it sounded like a good plan! You can't take your words back! *laughs*" Lol He doesn't like animals because they smell and potty or have sick around the house. He doesn't mind fish or hamsters though. So I was wondering exactly how bad the smell really is on ferrets or just with one ferret? If it's really bad, is there anything I can do to get rid of most of it? I know they can't be bathed but maybe once or twice a year cause it strips the oils on their skin kind of like a cats. So I was wondering about a spray or something?


P.S The part that really confused you, was confusing for me too. I'm suprised I even managed typing it. I tried my best to get exactly as close as he had said it. We already have 3 cats and 2 dogs. So he was saying if my hamsters die I get one ferret. When the ferret dies and if another pet dies and I get a new pet back, then when another pet or two dies I don't get any pets and just keep the one pet and when that animal goes, we dont' have anymore animals! I know it sounds really bad, but every year my dad brings up how he doesn't like the animals. He's been like that for as long as I can remember. He just can't wait for the days they go, but because he knows they make us happy he leaves it alone and hopes or prays we don't get anymore after an animal's loss. The whole thing is rather confusing really. I know we're not allowed to have more than 3-4 per household in the states but our pets are healthy and spoiled and loved. So the higher up people can't complain! =P We didn't have 7 pets until March and I got my two hamsters. =D Lol couldn't resist getting some!
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My parents were like that "oh you can't have anything else...no way".Then when I got into herps it was "NO WAY!!!" You have no idea how much my dad fears the snakes
But since i'm moving,I can up my herp collection but I have to pay a bit more rent...but i'll soon be moved out =]
So everyone is happy.

I heard people mention wipes before.
They just wiped their pet with it.& Made them smell nice.

OH I just did a search online (I'm getting ferrets myself when I move,I miss having one)..
Check out the product I found,its FOR ferrets.
I have no experience with it to know how well it works,but
maybe someone else does.

Sale Small Animal Products: Ferretsheen Deodorizing Wipes for Ferrets

^Click the link ^.^

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Ohhh herps are snakes? My oh my! lol

Awesome thanks!
Still won't be enough to change my dad's mind. *sigh*
Another year i'll 17.
If I wait until i'm 18 he sort of doesn't have a say cause i'll be an adult! lol!
Also I got to my grandma's almost every weekend and i'm afraid if i'll get a ferret and my mom's not well she won't be able to take him out of his/her cage for a few hours. Do they have smaller cages for traveling or when people go to hotels and want to bring their furry friends? What about hurricanes?! They have to have thought about that for Texas! lol I am usually at my grandma's for a day or two. I'm sure she'd be find with any animal I bring to her house as long as it's not snakes! She's scared of them and can't even watch one on tv. So anyone have any idea who to win my dad over on ferrets? Also my grandma and I are out half the day when i'm there so would the traveling cage be big enough for th ferret for a few hours or should I like have in my grandma's bathroom which the closet shut? Her bathroom is extremely clean lol! I don't know little confused on this. Cause i'm homeschooled and 5 days a week I can play with the little critter all day long! lol but the weekends a little less. =(
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Oh dear, my spelling and grammer is somewhat off today. Sorry for that, I just woke up not to long ago and only had 4 hours asleep and had been up 20 hours before that. I couldn't sleep and the reason i'm up so soon is because I got to babysit in 20mins.
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Haha my dad and I went shopping and he said your godmother got her laptop fixed, we're building your mom an office." Then I said "And you just got your golf stuff." Dad said "So what did you get?" I couldn't think of anything but a ferret so I said "A ferret in a year or two!" He said "What?!" and started laughing! lol I said "well okay I got my job back!" lol! I was off for a week and a half. Hmm it was all funny at the time. I think now he realizes i'm not letting the ferret thing go! lol
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I bath my baby( babies at one time) once a month in tear free baby shampoo, it doesn't strip the oils off their coats and smells good. Also Marchall's makes BIO-ODOR you put in their water(really works!) and DR.Foster and SMITH sells these carbon packages(cheap). W/ all that together people didn't even know that I had ferrets(5 at the time).........Also wash their toys blankets,and cage w/ vinegar( kills the smell).........
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