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few quetions

I have herd ferrets are mean is that true...?
Because if it is not i would like a few veiw points on them because i really really really want one
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I don't have ferrets myself but my brother has two and they are like little babies. Nancy can answer all of your ferret questions for you.
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Nope, ferrets aren't mean The only time a ferret will be mean is if you mistreat it(abuse, starvation, neglect, etc.), but that goes for all animals. Ferrets have gotten a bad rap as biters--it's usually based on misinformation and exaggerations. Ferret bites are *less* frequent and less severe than dog bites. Anything that has teeth, really, has the ability to bite; whether or not they bite is based on a number of things, but mainly how they are treated. Like Tort said, a ferret who is properly socialized, handled, and cared for can be a sweet, loving pet. I have 13 now--have had more in the past--and I think they make wonderful pets. I also have a young child in the house, who just turned 8 and I trust them with her (and vice versa). I definitely wouldn't keep a pet if I felt it was vicious or mean, especially not 13 of them.
They are very curious little clowns that have the nosiness(and attention span) of 2 year old toddlers. They love getting into anything and everything they can. And they steal stuff too lol
Mean? No. Thieves? YES!! LOL!
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I would definitely say they're not mean. Ezra, my oldest, is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. He's nicer than my parents' dog even. He's never been a biter at all either. Vin and Starkes, my little ones, are going through a bit of a biting phase, but that's normal for all pets. It's just taking a little effort and patience (and oh how that's sometimes -so- hard... ) to work with them through it and I have no doubt they'll turn out much like Ezra has. They're great pets to have around.
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People are telling you really good stuff here.
We used to have 12 ferrets and sent them to a rescue because we couldn't take them when we moved. The rescue was really good about when we explained the situation. We wanted to keep the little buggers.

The only animal that will bite, reguardless of type of animal, is one that is mistreated in someway. Ferrets can get rough playing and bite and it does hurt, but you have to understand, it wouldn't hurt another ferret if it were a ferret they were playing with, they have much thicker skin than you or I.

I would like to say that I am the resdedent ferret expert because of my schooling and experience but there are a couple people on here that probably know more than I do because they run rescues and/or breed them.
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thank you all for all your info...
I might have to look in to getting into some ferrt things,
then get one

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You're welcome, and please continue to read up on ferrets and ask questions. It's best to research any pet before you bring it home--ferret or any other pet.
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wonderful pets

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