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Fostering a Ferret or two .

I miss having a ferret buddy and have been thinking about foster a pair of old chaps for a local rescue .This would more than likely become a perm situation for they are not too adoptable
It has been quite a few years since a ferret has been in my care so any advice or just brush me up on their care would be grand
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I think it is wonderful that you want to brush up on ferrets before fostering..........I had 7 at one time now I just have 1 little girl and my vet sent her to me because of my knowledge and care of the others(they died of old age)well I try to help out as much as I can,I mix my own ferret food(science diet kitten formula and zupreem ferrret food)But what you feed is personel choice and you might want to keep them on the food the shelter has(sure that they know what they are doing.....)I bath w/ tearless baby shampoo once a month. Even if you want them to have free rome of the house it is best to have a cage anyway. Ferrets sleepabout 20 hours a day and need at least 3 to 4 hours out of cage time. You will need to ferret proof the rooms they will be allowed in and provide them w/ lots of sleeping areas and litter boxes. Keep an first aid kit Keep ferret lax on hand(for hairballs or when they eat something that they shouldn't have........also great way to disract them to clip theair nails.) Toys are a must and tunnels too. I make most of Nelly's toys(get a ferret a toy and they play w/the box it came in)and variety in toys is really the way to go,nothing rubber though. Tennis balls, a box w/ shredded paper in it, afull tissue box, plastic easter eggs w/ bells inside(glue shut) roll in crazy ways,just find your creative side. Why aren't they adoptable?If they are biters you can blow in their nose and mouth, small pinch on their ears, tug their whikers,or scruff while loudly say no(pick one not all at once....blowing in their face is easier and usually gets the point across quickly).And of course lots of love which you already have or you wouldn't want to be brushed up on info............hope I was helpful.
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Thanks for the info From what I am told they are elderly and are on meds .They are looking for a pallitive (sp?) care home .
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ferret food, litter box, litter boxes

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