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Exclamation Green Urine?

Hi everyone, This is my first post, and hopefully a lot of you will share your experience/advice/help. I have a sweet little girl ferret (sprite), Weezie. She's 3-1/2 yrs old and weighs 1-3/4 lbs. Recently, she suddenly became lethargic and wouldn't play like usual. Then I noticed her urine was as green as grass! Vet took x-rays, which showed an enlarged liver. Blood work showed that liver showed no signs of problems, so he thought the infection was causing the liver to be enlarged. There were no other red flags regarding any other possible common ferret diseases, but it did indicated she had an infection somewhere. Vet is "guessing" she has a kidney infection and is treating with antibiotics. She's been on Clavamox now for 3 days; her appetite is good, she looks like she feels fine other than she hasn't done much of any playing like normal, but her urine is still somewhat green. She hasn't left her bed on her own for two days, but will willingly get up and eat and do a little walking around/hauling sock bombs when I get her up. She's showing no signs of incoordination at all, and her poops are normal.

I did an Internet search and best info found from a previous posting was listed on another site:

> Biliverdin is green in color and can give the urine a green color. Biliverdin is usually converted to bilirubin. Bilirubin is yellow in color. High bilirubin will cause jaundice (yellow color to skin, eyes,etc.).

> As Dr Williams pointed out, destruction of red blood cells can also cause increased biliverdin and a green color to the urine along with some other possible causes.
> Jerry Murray, DVM

>At necropsy, an animal in liver failure can also have green discoloration of the kidney tissue as well ("cholemic nephrosis") and
in really bad cases, the liver is green too.
With kindest regards,
Bruce H. Williams, DVM, DACVP

My questions are: Does anyone know what causes a kidney/bladder infection? If the vet is right and she does just have a kidney infection, how long will she normally have to be on the Clavamox before we start seeing a normal urine color? If the vet is wrong; and the urine is still green after two weeks of Clavamox, what are we going to do? My vet says he has no previous experience with this green urine thing, so it's concerning me that we're treating a "best guess". Could it be that I'm just catching a more serious disease in its very early stages? Vet didn't know/didn't think so based on blood work results. She's not showing any signs of hair loss or anything else outwardly noticeable. I've also seen intimations that maybe too much Furro-Vite could be the cause of her problem? Is that possible? I don't think I've been giving her too much - going by the dosage on the tube.

She does seem to be getting better on the Clavamox, but I guess I'm just paranoid, since the diagnosis isn't anything "confirmed".

Thanks for all help/advice/similar experiences in advance.
Anita D./KCMO
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I don't really have much experience with ferrets, but what about getting a second opinion from another ferret savvy vet?
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I've considered a second opinion, but since she's improving on the antibiotics, I've decided to wait 'til the 2-wk treatment is over to see about that... as long as she continues to improve. I'm just putting feelers out on the 'Net to see if any other owners have had similar experiences. I appreciate your advice for sure! Here's a picture of my little princess... if I uploaded it right
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It is such a worry when thwy get unwell,isn't it!!! I dont know enough to help you,but hope your princes will get better soon!!
Tell us how it goes,
All the best to you and your little girl
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Heart worms are another cause of green urine.
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Thanks for the advice and warm thoughts. Unfortunately, it was determined that she was suffering massive internal bleeding from an internal cancer. She went to the Rainbow Bridge on 2-21-06. I'm so sad she had to go, but I know she's doing a happy dance with all the other beloved fuzzies who are also there. Dook, dook, dook!
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Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss....
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I'm very sorry for your loss. We lose way too many of these guys to cancers of all kinds.
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I am so sorry, she was absolutely beautiful!
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hair loss

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