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Question Harness problems?

Hello everyone!
I got my ferret (Socks) a bit more than a week ago and decided to put his harness on him so he could get used to it. I had been playing with him, so he was a bit tired, making it easy to put it on, but after putting him back in the cage with the harness on, he suddenly seems extremely tired. His posture is different, lower to the ground, and it seems as if he is suddenly weak. He made a few attempts to get at the bell on the harness but then gave up and sulked. When he tried to climb a ramp, it seemed as if his balance was off and he had trouble getting up. I made sure that the straps weren't too tight by checking that I could slip a finger between him and each strap. Is something wrong with the harness, or does it just need some getting used to?
Thanks very much!
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It turns out poor Socks got a small respiratory infection because of an allergy to his litter. We took him to the vet who gave us an antibiotic for him. Also, since then he's gotten more used to his harness and we've even taken him for some walks around the house.
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To be honest I have never tried a harness on my ferts.
I have a leash I use similar to a harness (all in one) but it is only on them when they are outside. It's possible that it is just an adjustment thing? I'm really not sure though. I'll do some looking & see what I can find out on this for you
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I have tried a harness on my ferrets, but it turned out to be to big for them. DO NOT USE A FERRET COLLAR. THEY ARE DANGEROUS!
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I have harness's for my ferrets, but I have never kept the harness on them to get them use to it. The reason why your ferret sulked when you put the harness on, is probably because he didn't want it on him. My ferrets do the same thing all the time. If you put the leash on him and take him outside, I garentee you that he won't sulk anymore and he will run around checking everything outside. I know my ferrets love going to new places and exploring, I am pretty sure all ferrets are like this.

Also, I don't reccommend keeping his harness on when he gets locked up in the cage, mainly because the harness could get caught on something. I never really even kept a harness on any of my ferrets to get them use to it, I don't think you really need to do that with them. I just trained my ferrets to get use to the resistants of the leash, I would put the harness on them and let them pull away while I stayed in one spot. I did that for about a week indoors and then I took them outside for a walk. There is two reasons why you should do the ressistant test indoors for a week, one so they can get use to it and two, to make sure they can't get out of thier harness! The rule that I follow by when putting on harnesses on any aniimal, is that you can only fit one of your fingers in the harness with thier body. Everytime you put the harness on your ferret, you should do the one finger test. The reason I say do this everytime, is because you ferret could lose or increase wieght at anytime and sometimes the harness needs to be readjusted. I find that when its close to winter I have to make the harness bigger for my ferrets and when its close to spring, I have to tighten the harness again. This is because in the winter they gain body fat to keep warm but when spring and summer come they don't need this fat anymore so they lose it.

I hope that when you finally take your ferret for his first walk that you play it safe and remember to consider the weather outside. I usually don't walk my ferrets longer then 15-20 mins outside, and thats on a nice cool day. If it is really hot, make sure you bring water for your ferret and if it is too cold, watch his reactions. If he is shaking to much or trys to crawl up your leg, then that means he is too cold to go for a walk that or he is really nervous or both!

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Thanks for the responses! I've been taking him around the house on the leash for now, and you're right, ILoveFuzzies, he certainly isn't sulking anymore! I may begin taking him outside soon.
Thanks again!
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respiratory infection

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