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Hi! My name is Christen and I just moved to Alaska and my apartment won't allow me to have a dog or a cat so I'm considering getting a ferret. I don't know what sex to chose for one and for another I'm really concerned about the smell. I will scoop the litter several times a day and change the litter atleast once or twice a week and wash clothes atleast once a week. I heard only to give baths once a month. I'll do whatever it takes to keep it from smelling so bad. Any other suggestions to keep the smell to a minimum and will the ferret make a whole room stink even if you are clean with it? Its probably going in my sons room and I don't want his whole room to stink. I was also considering getting like glade plug ins or whatever to keep the room smelling nice but I've heard its killed birds. Will it hurt a ferret? I just want somone to tell me alittle bit about them so I can decide if a ferret is for me. They are so cute and neat I think it would be a awesome pet but the smell has really got me concerned. But I'm a stay at home mom so I have plenty of time to give it all the attention it needs and to keep the environment clean. Any information you all could give me on ferrets would be very much appreciated.

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really the smell isnt like what you smell in a pet store because they have several, and dont clean enough... i'd read up on maybe a book or several websites to see if its the pet for you


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Ferrets are amazing pets. It seems you're really concerned about the smell...the smell really isn't a factor until you start getting 4, 5, or 6 ferrets. Pet stores are crap and don't know ANYTHING about ANY animal(I hate pet stores hahaha) so of course they probably clean the ferret's enclosures once every two months or less. If you scoop the litter twice a day(get Yesterday's News litter for cats...NOT the ferret kind its the same thing just marked more expensive haha) you'll be just fine. The smell doesn't really radiate if you keep their environment clean. Sure, they have a musky odor to them when you hold them close, but over time you'll learn to love it. It doesn't fill up a room(at least to my nose).

As for baths...don't ever give them a bath unless they really get dirty from something. The more you give them a bath, the more they'll secrete odor-causing oils...actually causing them to smell more.

As for sex...both male and female ferrets are awesome. I have two males and one female...the female is a tiny bit more playful while the males are a tiny bit more chilled out...but there's really not much of a difference.

I'd recommend picking up a copy of "Ferrets for Dummies," probably one of the best beginner ferret books out there. It has a lot of useful info and tips on what to expect. When will you be getting the ferret? Anyways, good luck on your ferret endeavors =]
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Oh yes, and if you feed a good quality food...their poop will smell less. Try to switch them off the petstore food(probably Marshall's) asap. The bad quality food in part gives ferrets the bad smell you experience in pet stores.
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Also, and this is important, ferrets are prone to a LOT of problems that can be costly to treat, like insuloma or adrenal disease. So you need to be prepared cash-wise, and have a vet that can treat them.
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Also ferrets are social animals so I would get two (I only have one but luckily the ferret and the cat play together so that works out)

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Yeah I'd recommend two myself, but if you can only get one that's okay. As long as it receives a lot of attention and new things to explore, it'll be a happy ferret. Ferrets and cats, as mentioned above, can coexist pretty peacefully and sometimes become really good friends.
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Thanks for the info guys,I was going to ask questions myself (about female& male ferrets,which to get etc).

I had a ferret as a kid,whom I loved.But after he passed away
my parents said no more.They claimed I was allergic to him (ended up I was allergic to his bedding),& they said all things smell & when they were going to cave in & let me have another when I was 13 or 14 they took me to a pet store,& as Turkeyman said...DON'T go by pet stores...the smell you smell at the pet store,thats not normal for ferrets.The pet store I went to then ...all the animals stinked.When I first wanted to get into rats,when I was going to hold one...man the enclosure REEKED.You could picture stink lines just spewing from it,but when I got the opportunity to get rats & well,I have most my pets in my room& I assure you,theres no smell.& I thought rats would stink.Again,dirty pet stores [haven't been to one in years,stopped going to pet stores after that,made me sick,literally,upsetted my asthma].

I recently had the opportunity to meet a few little ferrets& the smell of ferrets,the musky odor,its not offensive in the least.
& I'm completely serious.
I always thought that the smell they were @ the pet store was the normal& I can't really remember much on the one I had smell wise (but it was the bedding that had been triggering my asthma attacks).
But after meeting ferrets in a great home,male ferrets,& they literally being well,great little ferrets,I am definately getting a couple.

I seen quite a few for sale in a magazine,but my parents (renting an apartment in their house) said no more pets until I get my own place.
They were really...REALLY nice to let me get a few more herps,only cause I'm soon leaving,but I'm going to stick with their rule on no more pets..so must wait until I get my own place settled.
Then...ferrets (they are always for sale in the magazine) & you'd see me in this section a lot,I love the little guys

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Ferrets are super cute and silly.

I used to have a couple of friends who had ferrets.They were so adorable and made me want one even more.However I KNOW I am not ready for one right now,because I have a 3 year old daughter.

Do alot of research.Look at the pros and cons of the ferret to see if it is the pet for you.Do alot of research on them.

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Be sure to do lots of reasearch at multipul places before deciding to get any animal. Good job doing your homework! Ferrets can have their sent glands surgically removed, although this is expensive and risky in the case that not all of it is completly removed. Every animal does have a unique smell, although ferrets are known for their musky oder that can be slightly off putting at places where there are many of them, such as pet stores. You can buy deoderizers to spray on the ferrets, although I'm not sure how still they would sit for that. Also, bathes deprive the skin of its natural oils, making the body work overtime to reproduce those oils, creating more smell than in the first place. Also, poor quality food can lead to more smell, so be careful of that. As with any pet, be sure to keep the cage and enviornmet clean (I don't have ferrets but I know they are known for shooting their feeces out of the cage) to reduce extra smell. Also, with the bedding (hammocks etc.) that you will want to buy/make, you should wash them every week in hot water, unsented soap/no fabric softeners, and vinegar to reduce the smell. Hope that helps and good luck in your quest for ferret knowledge!

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Hello, its great that you are doing research before buying but I agree that one or two ferrets aren't that bad at all( I had 7 at one time, now only one). I do bath mine once a monthw/ baby tear-free shampoo. Once a week I wash her hammocks w/ mild detergent and VINEGAR(it elimates all smell--believe it or not)do not ues heavy snelled detergent or any fabric softer(its hard on their respitory system). And Marshell has this stuff you add to their water called BI-ODOR, it works wonders. I mix two kinds of food(science diet kitten and high quaily lamb ferret food) what ever you feed make sure it contains no fish--makes ferrets smell horrible! hope I was helpful............
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Thumbs up

I forgot to add to my earlier post that boy ferrets are more laid back than females although all ferrets are very playful. Boys are more likely to cuddle than females. Plus Dr. Foster and Smith sells these carbon packets that hang on outside of cage really chjeap and really works!
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