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Talking My Baby

This is the first picture of our Magic baby. He was rescued from a petshop at 7 weeks old. He had a prolapsed rectum, was seriously dehydrated, had an ulcer, and was only skin and bones. That first weekend we had him I stayed up night and day hand feeding him baby food, with him sleeping in my shirt. It was a very upsetting and scary weekend, but this little boy kept his promise to keep fighting for me, and now is growing bigger every day. He's 12 weeks now, and such a beautiful and loving boy, I have to admit that though I love all my kids, this little baby has stolen a big peice of my heart all to himself. He still comes running for Momma as soon as he gets scared, snuggles up on my chest.

Well, enough talk, here's Magic at about 10 weeks.

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He's adorable! And very lucky to have such a good mommy.
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Well the folks at the pet shop arent really to be blamed. They had only had him and his brother and sister three hours when I got there, and so I guess Im more prone to blame the person who shipped such a sick and young baby. The people at the petshop are nieve about ferrets, but have been wonderful about letting me come and check them over, and play with them whenever I like, they have even gotten some better types of ferret food in, and Im going to be working on them to take the kids off shavings and put them on an old blanket or something. Heck I intend to bring it in Also when I got Magic the owner of the shop (its a small family run place) gave him to me with $50 off the regular price (Ok, maybe that wasnt that much, but they accually didnt have to do it)

The shope was recieving their (Marshals) ferrets through an intermidary, in Alberta. He would resieve shipment from Marshals then forward the ferrets on to the shop in BC. Apparently giving them a few days R&R bfore shipping them onward. Apparently though, this person has gone missing.

Today I was down at the pet shop (I pop in there usually a couple times a week) and found out that the intermidiary in Alberta has disappeared. The petshop has been waiting for some new babies for the last week and havent recieved so much as a call from the Alberta dealer.

Whether this is a good thing or not, Im not sure. All I know was that I will be continueing to watch the shop for sick kids.. and making sure that the owner knows which one's need help. Currently right now he apparently has a waiting list of people wanting ferrets, so at least they wont have to wait for a home.

While I would normally say go for a rescue ferret, the local rescue agency (FIRST- which are a GREAT group of people! I have two ferrets from them! And I highly suggest if anyone wants to get a couple or more ferrets when in Vancouver BC area, should get intouch with these people!*Commercial over*) have only pairs or groups.. apparently individual ferrets are kinda hard to come by.

Hugs Snuffles and Dooks to everyone


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