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I always used feline pine pelleted litter for my ferrets. Thats what the guy who i got mine from used also.

Also watch for aggressiveness i had a ferret who no matter what i did to make her stop biting bit to the point that she used so much pressure i couldn't get her off and I am pretty sure she got pretty close to the bone. I had 2 actual puncture marks from her mouth. And even though it healed it is still very tender. I had to pry her jaw off with my finger after i pryed her mouth off my best friends hand.Teaches you to get a ferret from a pet shop. my sister had the same problem 18 yrs ago with her ferret.
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Why should you get the ferret from a pet shop? Those are often more aggressive, since they have been taken from their mother to early...and lives in a small cage were children makes alot of noise and stick their fingers in to them....Often the ferrets are exposed to inbreed, cause pet shops aren't that content about the ferrets family tree...

I would recommend to buy ferrets by proffesional breeders. They take care of the ferret pup until they are ready to leave their mother. If no one buys the ferret when they are ready, they still are allowed having their family for security until they find a good home.

And even though some ferrets may be aggressiv, they all can be trained to not bite. My second ferret was from a pet shop(6 years ago...didn't know better then) and he bit me like H***! I bled for two months or so...He couldn't stand people touching him...patience, love and caring made him the sweetest ferret ever made on this earth. He slept on my lap and loved to be cuddled with....

Please try to buy from breeders...I wouldn't want ferrets to get in same position that cats are today...To many...There are already so many ferrets being placed in shelters, cause people just can buy them in pet shops....not even knowing what kind a animal this really is...They look sweet, they are small and doesn't seem to demand much...But they do!

They are a mix between having a stubborn cat and a puppy dog. Always want's things their way, and needs you to always look after them...

No offense for the ones that has been bought in a pet shop, but if you really care about their future, we have to try to make them keep their pure blood, and be sure that they are not exposed to inbreed, and that their number is being controlled so that they don't end up with being overnumbered like cats.
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I just wanted to say, that I believe that most ferrets that are at petshops are already spayed and neutered, so I think their population is undercontrolled. I think the only way you can get a ferret that is unspayed or unneutered is through breeders, who usually make you sign a special contract if you plan on breeding them. I blieve ferrets are one of the most diffucult spieces to breed anyhow, so anyone who has no experience with them would probably not beable to have a surviving pregnancy. Also, I don't think you can inbreed ferrets and if you can, most likly it will be the breeders who would be the first to do it. I could be wrong about this, but I am pretty sure I am right. Thier are always exceptions to the rule.

I don't see anything wrong with buying a ferret at a petstore, Just be smart about it and read up about them and don't give them to anyone as a gift, because your dealing with a live creature and some people may not be able to handle ferrets. Other wise, I would save a ferret that dosn't have a perminant home, at local shelters or ask a vet if they know anyone with unwanted ferrets in need of a good home.

As for agressive ferrets, it does take a special person to handle a ferret like this. Sometimes it helps to get professional help in training your ferret if he or she is a nipper. If you handle you ferret a few times a day instead of long hours and associate handling with good things like treats and lots of love and attention, that will help a great deal. I find ferretone and laxative the best treat to use because it gets them to lick your fingers instead of bite. Just don't put a ferret down everytime it bites, because then it may associate biting your finger as you putting it on the ground. "Why take a flight of stairs when you can just press the button to the elevator." If that makes any sence to you all.

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