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Lightbulb Nip Training for Young & Older Ferrets

You brought home a baby ferret and she nips. It's perfectly normal. All baby animals nip -- they don't have hands, so they explore with their teeth. So you train your new little ball of fur not to nip you (your fingers, toes, ankles ...) and that's that.

But what if you bring home an older ferret who bites?

For an excellent article on nip/bite training please click here
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Why does she nip?

I recently got 2 ferrets, a male and a female, from someone else who didn't know all their background. She said that she was told they were 3 years each. They are both well trained as far as the litter box goes, and they are very sweet and playful. However, the girl does like to nip. A lot of times she'll just be licking a foot or hand and then bite, then go back to licking. I was told by the lady I got them from that she thinks they didn't get a lot of attention from their previous owners, so there may be a history of abuse. She doesn't seem scared during these times where she bites, and often times she seems like she's having fun. I know it'll take work to get her not bite, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows WHY they do this. Is there a way to tell if she's doing this out of fear (sometimes she does seems jumpy when I put my hand down near her real quick), or had been mishandled, or not been handled at all in the past? Is there a way to tell if she's just trying to play, or that maybe it's a comfort thing? The boy doesn't do this, and they were raised together. I thought perhaps she was actually still a kit and not been trained, but she's supposedly three. Also, does anyone know why she alternates licking and biting? Sometimes it seems rather sweet- but it makes me wonder why she likes to bite ME. She doesn't seem to bite the other ferrets (I have four others).
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My Mojo does this from time to time for absolutely no reason... it cold be that you have a smell on yoru hand that she thinks is a treat? is her hair on her tail ever flared (bottle brushed) at all when this happens? I have a girl (Winnie) that is very jumpy when startled and used to bite or actually attack terribly when approached leading us to find out she is deaf.

It could be an exagerated play too, that is Mojo's problem. try washing your hands well with a non-scented soap & see if that helps any??
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