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Nippy Ferret

As you know we recently got a ferret (saturday) and well he tends to be a bit nippy, he is a biter.... now sometimes it seems as though he is playing, other times he actually gets a good bite and draws blood. We bought a Ferret book when we brought Mookie home, as neither my husband nor myself have ever owned a Ferret personally. We have tried everything it says to do in the book, almost anything from making hiss noises, to blowing in his face, to using a small water bottle, and this little guy isn't budging, lol as they are known to be stubborn.
Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks a bunch
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What I did to train mine is to let them bite my index finger side-ways, and then hung on to the top of the nose with my thumb. It effectively locked my finger behind their 'canine' teeth. They don't like having something stuck like that and will try to pull away. With Fert it only took two times and she has never bitten me since.

That Bitter Apple stuff may be another method... but again, you sort of have to let them bite you, so they associate the bite with the bad effects to get it to be effective.


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Hi Navywife!

I had a similar situation with my snoopy when I got him. I could make this a VERY long story but will do my best to keep it short!

Snoopy was given to us from a local pet store (we have a good reputation with the manager) because nobody would buy him because he was always biting and drawing blood. I knew it would be a challenge (and believe me it was) but I felt I HAD to take him home.

In the beginning he was terrible and I tried EVERYTHING I could think of. Bitter apple didn't work for me and I learned the hard way that you cannot train a ferret not to bite, but you CAN train teh behavior. (hope that makes since) It is like breaking a bad habit. Here's what I found to be most effective (remember LOTS of patience!!)

Everytime Mookie attempts to bite pick him up by the scruff of the neck and hold him in the air for just a minute or two (they have a short term memory so if you do it too long he will forget why he is being punished). Boldly tell him "NO BITE" in a stern voice. after about a minute or so cuddle him and baby him so he knows he is loved. Keep doing this till he figures out the difference in attention he receives as a result of his behavior. It took a while for Snoopy to catch on, but now (a year later) having patience was so worth it, now he is a BIG love bug and gives kisses and cuddles and everything!!

When they are kits (babies) they are naturally hyper! and their skin is VERY tough so to bite each other doesn't phase them any and I honestly don't think they realize that when they bite us it hurts .

Trust me he WILL out grow it, it just takes a little time, lots of love and LOTS and LOTS of patience!

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for the advice you 2...... ya know I have tried the scruff of the neck thing, but ya know I could be holding him too long like that as well, maybe just try it for a brief moment, along with the index finger thing, and we should get him broke of biting in no time, (I hope) Thanks again
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