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Unhappy Noisy at night

I have two ferrets, Stinky and Blaze. They have started a new behavior that is driving me crazy!:tongue2:

They have one of the food bowls that attach to the side of their cage. Lately Blaze has decided that at 3 am, she wants to squeeze under the bowl and kick the bottom which makes the food go flying and makes a loud noise. The food bowl can only move a little bit so she can keep doing this for hours. And then Stinky thinks she is being left out so she will come and try to dig out the food while Blaze is kicking the bowl.

I have tried several ways to lock the bowl down better but it's not working. Their cage is in my bedroom so it wakes my fiance and me up every morning. Plus my new puppy, Lua, wakes up during this and will start to whine. My fiance has taken to wearing ear plugs to bed!!!!!

Please give me a suggestion before I
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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that had to deal with that. The best thing I can suggest is a new bowl and some new toys. I use a plastic one piece dish that hooks onto their cage. They can't tip it over I even use the same kind of dish for their water because they used to chew on the water bottles. New toys could be a temporary fix try putting an empty toilette paper roll in their cage tonight to see if it will keep them occupied. Good luck!
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Thanks. I guess it feels better to know I'm not alone!

I use the plastic lock dish that has two dishes in it. I put the water bottle over one side to catch the drips and the other side is for the food. She can't get it all the way unlocked but she can move it about an 1/2 inch. Just enough to make lots of noise!

It's funny that they only do this on nights when I have to go to work the next morning. The holidays when I was off they didn't do it at all. But last night they started in again.

One day I WILL be smarter than my ferrets!!!!!!
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If it's when you have to work they're probably bored and missing you. I would add new toys and maybe find a little extra time for them before you go to bed.
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mine used to do this too... I drilled 2 small holes in the food dish and used a zip tie (cable tie) in each hole to secure it to the cage so they CAN'T move it!

I also found more toys in the cage do help though
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food bowl, food bowls

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