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Unhappy Playing or Fighting?

I just got two little fuzballs in feb. One little girl and one fat boy. Everything was going fairly well, although litter training seemed to be illuding them. I got the girl first and had her two weeks before I had to get her a friend. They are from the same litter, at least that is what the store told me. Then I had to move. So while I was moving, about two weeks, I had my little furries stay with a friend. I visited them for about two hours every other day, and supposedly he was taking care of them and playing with them. Well I found out that they were put up in an empty room and were let out very little. I was FURIOUS!! I noticed they were acting strangely so that is how i found out. The boy started hissing at me and is now quite agressive with the girl. when they are "playing" he gets so rough with her she starts crying but he doesnt stop. They have also started digging at the carpet, which they didnt do before. They are now back in my care, but I cant get the boy to be nice. I have spent many hours a day with them and still he is acting agressive. he was born in Feb. so he is not that old. How do I tell if they are really playing or if he is just being mean? I would hate to give him up, but I cant have to worry if he is going to hurt her all the time. Please help me!!
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I go through similar things like this with my boy once or twice a year. He does tend to mellow out after a while. I would watch to see if he is drawing blood on her. Is she screaming in pain at all or just quietly whining?
My concern is for the fact that he is now hissing at you!! To me it sounds like he may have endured some kind of abuse while you were away & he is now not trusting anyone. Give him lots of love & a little extra attention and try your best to stay patient!he is most likely scared & confused with all the recent changes he has gone through.

Please do keep us updated though ... good luck!
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I have to agree with fsty...sounds like there was some kind of mistreatment/abuse going on while they were under your friend's care....sudden changes in behavior like that are due either to abuse or being mistreated or an underlying medical condition
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