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Sampson Survived the Surgery!:)

Yes, Sampson had his surgery on Nov 24 and he survived! He had 5-6 tumors removed and the vet said that thier was some damage. He went in for bloodwork yesturday and we should get the blood results back soon.

The vet was supprise at how well he was doing. He is taking meds 3 times a day now, he is one Amoxi, pain killer and Pepto. I don't know when he will get his stitches removed yet. He is on the healing process right now.

I am just so glad that he survived the surgery and I hope that the blood work turns out ok and he dosn't have low or high blood sugar. I also hope that he will be sticking around for at least another year or more and that he dosn't get tumors again. I am definatly going to make it worth his while!
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Red face

Great news, give Sampson a hug from me, I know how worried you were...
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That is great to hear. Keep us posted on how he is doing
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Wonderful news!
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That is great news!!! Sounds like you got yourself a fighter there!!!!!!

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That is GREAT news...The best Xmas present you could have recived!
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Oh I'm so happy to hear the good news!!!! What a load off huh? You've been a great mommy- I'm glad to hear he's doing good.
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Congrats! I'm very glad to hear that! That's the best news anyone can ever get while their animal is at the vets! I love the pic. of them in your signature also.
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Thanks you all. Sampson is doing really well, he just got his stitches removed. The doctor said his blood suger levels are ok right now and he won't have to take anymore pills for the moment.

I am still trying to teach him how to get along with my other two ferrets. Which I think he starting to get the hint that I don't want him to bite them just because they are in his way, rather just go around instead. I teach him this by moving his head away whenever he goes to bite them. It seems to be working, I haven't heard any squeals latly. I hope to get them a brand new cage after christmas. The one I have is not enough room for the 3 of them, its ok, but not the best. So Hopefully I can afford a new cage after the holidays.
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That's very good news!!! Good luck with the training.
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How great it is to hear he is doing well! Is he still off the meds? We need pictures of this little fighter

Please do keep us updated on his recovery!
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Yes, he is doing really good. He is off the meds. His surgery wound is totatlly healed up and now he just needs to grow his fur back. I just need to try to get him to do more besides sleep, drink, eat and poop on the floor. He will sometimes go in the tunnel and scrach or lay there but thats about it. I don't know if he just dosn't know how to play or is to old to play.

He loves exploring new territory, but once he is done checking the place out he goes to sleep. I don't know how I can get him to play, because thier is nothing he is really interested in. I try chasing him, but he usually will go hide somewhere and won't show his face for another few hours if I do this, so I stopped. Everynow and then he will nip at my fiances ankle, which we havn't figured out why he does this yet. Other then that he loves to be held and licking our fingers and sometime our faces. He acts alot like my 10 year old dog Tasha, only not as skedish and he is actually blind. Where as my dog is going blind. I attached a few updated pictures of Sampson.

I am glad we took him in. We tried to get him covered with insurance, and the insurance said they wouldn't cover him because he had pancreatic tumors and is consider still sick even though he had the tumors removed. I was a little upset with this, I understand them not covering any surgerys etc related to this issue, but not to insure him at all? I just didn't understand. I guess they look at him as a waste of money, and I think thats what upsets me the most! Oh well, screw them anyways!
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Oh bless his little heart!! He looks wonderful!! I would imagine that with him being blind that contributes a lot to him not playing as much. I wouldn't worry too much about it to be honest. I have not personally delt with a blind ferret to say for sure, but since he can't "see" what he is playing with maybe he feels more secure just hiding.
The insurance thing would bother me too! The place I go for vet care doesn't offer insurance for ferrets because they are not only exotic animals but have higher health risks... what a bunch of crud in my opinion! That seems completely unfair!
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