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Scary night

We have moved the ferret cage in the living room. Well Boo (who tec. is a panda but is almost totally white with a half black tail and occasional black spots on her back when she changes coats) was laying on the bottem of the cage sleeoing with her eyes open. I know I should be used to her doing this by now, but it still freaks me out. I called at her to wake her up, she didnt move. I freak and get her out of the cage, she is breathing fine and warm, but still limp. I start rubbing kind ruff on her back to stimulate if its breathing or any thing well Boo is a heavy sleeper, she wakes up and looks at me like WHAT!. We noticed that she had a couple fleas so it was bath time (I HATE fleas). I walked into the kitchen with her right as Logan turned on the garbage disposal and she never turned her head. So we tested Logan stood behind her and yelled her name, I clapped and snaped my finguers behind her, nothing. So the reason she didnt react in the cage, she has lost her hearing. My poor little girl. We have worried about this happining since we got her. She is just over a year. But atleast it exspains why her and Andre' suddenly started getting into tiffs. She didnt know he was behind her and it scared her.
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Aww poor thing.Isn't it common in ferrets?My guinea pig did that to me and I poked him and he kept sleeping so i poked him harder and he didn't move, so next step was wailing at the top of my lungs "Mommmm thhe thhe gueiineeaa pigss deaad!."Full blow out in tears, well it startled the guinea pig and he woke up.What can I say I was 10!

Well I hope she will still have a happy healthy life despite the loss of hearing...Do they make hearing aids for them? If its common why not?
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Yes, unfortunately it is very common with pandas, blazes and whites to be deaf. It shouldn't affect her too much as ferrets adapt to deafness pretty well.
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Well that good that at least she'll be able to adapt.I have a very short knowledge on ferrets there illegal here .But if I ever move I realy want to get one....I wonder if I can get one with a permit.
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The poor girl. It's good you know now so that she doesn't freak you out. My bunny sleeps with her eyes open and it is hard to get used to. It's so creepy. It still freaks me out. Then again it freaks me out when I find her sleeping with her eye closed b/c now I am not used to that.

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