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weird ferret?

My little boy is a complete nut case. I was wondering if any one else's ferrets act like this?

First he hates his cage. I thought about letting him be free roam but he chews way to much for him to be safe. I let him out for hours and it's never enough. He whines in his cage like a puppy and you feel so guilty for putting him there. He keeps this up for a good 10 min. I have never herd a ferret make these noises.

Then when he is out all he wants to do is follow me around still making these noises. untill I stop everything I am doing and play with him. this can last days if I let it. He is the noisest little guy I have ever heard. Although it is cute is this normal ?

he is also scared of his own shadow. just last night I got off the bed and walked to the dresser. I guess at the same time he was coming around the other side of the bed and he screamed. He will also stalk the dog and then if the dog moves he will scream.

Does anyone else ferrets talk ALL the time?

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My understanding is that is very normal. Some ferrets are just more vocal than others! (I WISH mine talked to me more, instead the just do the flat ferret with the sad "feel sorry for me" look )

Sissy used to follow me around like that all the time... now Mojo does. Mine hate their cage too... but living in a mobile home it would NOT be a good thing to let them free roam. (that & I don't think the guinea pigs would appreciate it now that their new cage has no top on it!)

Personally I think you are lucky! it sounds like you are gonna have one very affectionate fuzzy How is Gomer doing with biting & your child?
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The only ferret I've had that talked was a deaf panda. He would literally cry like a baby when you put him in his cage.


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Yup, That is exactly what he does. But he is not deaf I am sure. My daughter is doing really well with him. He was still biting but I bought some bitter end word of advise it does not work but he loves it so now he licks much more lol
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Dear Glidertales,
When I first got my ferret I had the same problem. She would always cry when I left her in her cage. But sooner or later they will get used to it. Even if they whine, you just hav to ignore it. And if it continues, stay by the cage, and try to calm them down. Speak gently to them. They will HAVE to get used to it. This is very normal, so don't be worried! If this continues then see a vet.
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I realize I am opening an old thread here, but I wanted to ask, did you buy him from a pet store, and was he with alot of ferrets? Some ferrets, when they are by themselves need to have a bit more attention. I know when we brought Elliot home, he was the same way until we got DS. And then when I bring a new ferret home, he/she does not get to go in the same cage with the rest of the family, they go in seperate living, and they will whine and carry on until they get to meet the rest of the furkids.

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