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Question what does you ferret play with

i was just wondering what do you give your ferrets to play with ? mine dont seem to care for balls or much of any thing so i am trying to think of some other items to give her.
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Ours prefer an old pair of my pants best. Just putting them out changes their entire mood. They go from extremely snooping and troublesome to playful as they chase eachother in and out of the legs. As soon as one goes in the leg, the other comes out and pounces his hindquarters. They do it for a good 20 minutes before they show the slightest signs of tiring.

We also got them a tube(8" diameter black plastic tubing about 12 feet long - similar to tubing for a dryer vent) from Home Depot for $3 that we looped the ends together to make a hoop and cut 2 holes in the top for them to get in and out of. They chase eachother around and around in there for quite sometime. That's also where they happen to stash their favorite toys and sometimes treats.

Their favorite toys are probably(believe it or not) empty film canisters. We take them out of the tube and throw them around the living room and dining room and watch them bring them back in the tube as fast as they can. Man we must piss them off! =p

The will also play with a glow in the dark small plastic ball and also with strings just as a cat would. They also really love having a large fluffy blanket on the floor to burrow in and pounce eachother on.
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Rubber, squeezing toys! Paasan goes mad when I squeeze his rubber toys, follows me everywhere when it squeeks
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Well, Buddy love his newspaper (rubber dog toy) and anything with rubber on it. He also loves going in tunnels. I actullay made him a dig box, because he loves to dig so much. You can make one for your ferrets by buying a nice bid deep rubbermaid box with a lid and cut a big hole in the lid and fill the box with rice, sand,or ping-pong balls. I used rice, and he loves his dig box.

Jessie likes any toy and stealing clothes from the hampper. They both love shoes too. Jessies favorite toys are noise makers and tennis balls oh and her stuffed pet frog she likes to hide every where with her. The frog was her first toy she played with just like the newspaper was Buddys. They probably would get depressed if I took thier first toys away.

Sampson, dosn't play with anything, but he is old and blind and i don't know much about his past life. I really don't think he got to play much and was very lonley, because he dosn't seem interested in playing really. But who knows, he may come around.

Oh, and they both love interactive toys like mouse on a string etc. Jessie love the mouse toys with realistic fur on them, the only problem is she tends to tear them up. I find alot of cat toys and some dog toys are a ferrets favorite!
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