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Could anyone post a pic of there hedgehogs cage? I really want one and I have read a few sites and books but I'd really like to see a cage that someone keeps their heggie in Also the cost of it all
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My hubby made Louie's cage out of 5 pieces of glass. It's 3ft x 3ft and has no top since the sides are high enough. Normally I wouldn't recommend putting a hedgie in a glass aquarium because of ventilation problems but this is big enough & open enough that that's not a problem.

Hedgies like to burrow and so I put a blanket over part of his cage...he loves to hide under there & cuddle up with his stuffed animals.

He has a wheel, half a coconut to hide in, a house to sleep in, some PVC tube to run thru, stuffed animals & TP tubes. I change his toys around about once a week.

It cost us approx $125 to make just Louies cage (not the stuff in his cage).

I would recommend 2 Sterlite containers (most people use these) that you can connect with a PVC tube. Try to stay away from glass aquariums unless you're going to go with a big 55 gallon or bigger one. They need to have a lot of ventilation. The bigger the containers the better but go with what you can fit (& afford!)

I can't find any pics right now but I'll take some today and post 'em later.
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Thanx, thats seems a great cage, I've been looking around and ferplast make these big rabbits cages, like the smaller ones they do for hamsters and mice etc, its kind of like a tank and is just over 3ft by 50inches, well heres a pic
[IMG][/ which seem better because they'd have more ventalation and they to much bigger ones, this one is 46" x 23" by 18" high

Oh and by the way Louie is so cute, I looked at your post with the mealworms
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Oops that first picture didn't work here it is I hope
Sorry just realized there was a edit butto, I'm kinda new here.
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Here is my cage. it is pretty small, but I bring him out to play every day. Under the second story is his house that i made. The ramp is wood glued to sandpaper to help keep his nails short. The wheel is huge! He hasn't figured out how to use it yet. I don't have a problem with him climbing. He hasn't yet. I have a friend who had a glass aquarium for her hedgie, and while she was gone, it tried to escape, cut itself on the glass very badly, getting blood everywhere, and it killed her poor hedgie. = = Scary, and very sad! So, be sure you don't have any sharp edges anywhere! (BTW- your pic didn't work. when editing, scroll down to manage attachments and browse for your pic.)
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stuffed animal, stuffed animals

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