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Clipping Nails

I hate clipping Oreo's nails! It is such a pain, and I am so afraid to go too short. I've done it once before, totally fipped, and realised it was no big deal. i thought i killed him! Thanx for styptic powder, I no longer think I'm going to kill him if i do cut the quick. Do any of you have any tips? He's so squirmy and won't stay still. Since his nails are so curve, they flatten when I clip them, and it doesn't look like that would feel very good. i'm afraid to crack his nail when it bends like that. Should i use something other that human nail clippers?
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I thought you could buy special clippers at the pet store...
Anyways, why don't you take him to the vet to do it? I know at my vet, the techs are more than happy to clip the nails of an animal. They don't charge a lot at all, if anything.
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I can't really take him to the vet every five days. His nails grow sooooo fast! Like 2 millimeters a week My vet in oregon said the only way she could do it wasn't very comfortable for him. I don't have a vet here yet. I've got to go find one. Maybe I'll try bird nail clippers. I don't know what they are like, but it never hurts to look. I found dog, and cat clippers, they won't work. Thanks!
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I tried small bird clippers. They were too big, even the smallest. i couldn't get them between his toes very easily.Thus, the search shall
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For my hedgie I bought a Tech Deck ramp (like a little toy skateboard ramp), Fine Grained sandpaper, and a tube of Krazy Glue (all of which at my local Wal-Mart) My boyfriend glued the sandpaper to the ramp, let it dry, and TAADAA a make-shift nail file!! My hedgie Ron loves climbing on the ramp to reach high on the aquarium glass He's having fun and its keeping his nails short at the same time!!! It's cheap and it works!
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