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Question Decline in pog owners?

Been talking to all my old hedgehog friends and have noticed that almost everyone has stopped breeding and/or got rid of their herd. My question is how come??? I haven't been in touch with some in a few years, and I figured that now, hedgehogs would be very popular pets, but instead, I think it has went the other way. These amazing little critters are becoming fewer and farther between. They were very popular a few years ago when I got my first ones, so what has happened? Just thought I'd throw this out at everyone see what kind of response I get.

& Ally, my little old lady pog
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There are a lot of people who come and go, but interest remains strong. I've been breeding since '96 and still get more inquiries than I have babies. It seems like a lot of breeders gave up when the USDA requirements started getting enforced. And a lot of people give up when they realize you don't make a profit at it. But the hedgehog definitely remains a very popular companion animal.

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I am speaking just of an individual here, but a friend of mine breeds hedgies, and because she bought her original herd at the same time, and kept just one baby, all of her females retired at pretty much the same time (she had about 24), she then rebuilt her herd as they passed away, and again, ended up with hedgies pretty much the same age, retired them, and all but one has passed. She is now rebuilding again (she has been breeding for a long time), but now, has taken over a year to rebuild in hopes to spread out the retirement age of her hedgies. But two years ago, she really did not have a lot of hedgies, and I also thought that she was no longer going to be breeding them.
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Yeah, I probably just don't know all the new people out there. Good to know the hedgies are still terrorizing the world

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I used to own a hedgehog, she was my baby,but unfortunately after about a year I developed an allergy to her saliva and could no longer handle her
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So sorry to hear that. They are very fascinating animals.

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