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Wink Food Food Food...

What kind of Food do YOU feed your hedgie?

It's kind of interesting to see what differant people feed their hedgies. Alot of people mix their kibble food with several differant brands. I might consider doing this except that the only other kind of Hedgehog food that is readily available is Vitakraft, and I am SO NOT feeding Diggory that. And I'm not too keen on the idea of feeding him Cat food... just because I figure cat food is for CATS, not hedgies.

So, after my little rant here is my summery: I feed Diggory Pretty Pets Hedgehog Food, as well as a Crickets occasionally, and little bit of Yougert daily.
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I am feeding INNOVA cat food mixed w/ 8n1 ultra hedgehog food. actually, some cat food tends to be way better then the hedgehog foods out in the market, if i remember correctly Innov lite is the best cat food for hedgehogs.
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8 in 1 hedgie food with Nine Lives cat food mixed in. I soften it with water because my guy could hardly chew the hard stuff due to him being little. He was only 5 weeks old when I got him. He also gets Gerber Graduates chicken sticks (only 2 small pieces a day), wax worms and a little dab of sweet potato.
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I use Wellness Lite cat food and 8 in 1. She will also get some wet cat food on occasion or chicken or beef. She loves papaya and she gets crickets and meal worms as treats. I tried the pretty pet food but Isobella hated it and believe me she eats anything!
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Mine get a mix of dry foods (premium cat food, premium, small kibble puppy food and Spike's Delight Hedgehog food.) They get 3-10 mealies a week and about 2-3 crickets per night. The mealies are live, but the crickets are freeze-dried from Flukers.

They occasionally get unseasoned cooked egg, meats (salmon, chicken, turkey) and fruits and veggies (berries, melon, peach, pear, tomato, sweet potato, squash, beans, peppers, etc.)

One of the best sites I have seen on hedgehog nutrition is by Laura Roberts. You can find it at: This sites includes information on what to look for in the foods you feed your hedgehog as well as the nutritional content in many foods that are commonly fed to hedgehogs.

It is important to realize that there really hasn't been a lot of research done to determine what is best for our quilly little friends. Just because a hedgehog food is formulated for hedgehogs does not mean that it is any more suitable for hedgehogs than a PREMIUM brand of cat food (Vitakraft is a good example of a hedgehog food that although marketed for our pet hedgehogs, is not appropriate.)
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I feed a misture of cat foods and hedgie foods
Spike's delight, pretty pets, 8in1, l'avian
Cat foods,
Innova light, neura wellness light, california natural, nutro max cat light, natural balance, eukanuba light, eukanuba chicken and rice

I have a lowfat nd regular mix for my fat and skinny hog. I also feed chicken, watermelon, crickets, and mealies. They also get the occassional bite of pasta, potato, corn, and egg whites.

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cat food, dry food, meal worms, pet food, puppy food, wet cat food

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