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Hedgie feeding - help

I have a rather unique problem that I need some help with.
Hedgehog food (as most animal foods on the market) contains corn meal. This corn meal has caused a real problem as this is my daughters hedgehog and she can't play with him since he rolls in his food and she is allergic to corn. She breaks out really bad every time she picks him up where the little quills push the crumbs from him into her skin. She looks like she just came out of the allergist and had skin testing done.

Anyway, I need some help coming up with a hedgehog diet to feed him that isn't going to include commercial pet foods.
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I think your hedgie really needs a base comercial food, and that can't really be substituted. Check chicken soup for the cat lover's soul lite, and some of the other high quality light cat foods the other hedgie owners here use. My guess is that some of them don't contain any corn products. Good luck with your hunt!
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Good News- I looked up chicken soup for the cat lovers soul, and didn't see any corn products in the ingredients! Here is the site-http://www.petluvers.com/ChickenSoup...atFormula.html I think the low fat food is best for hedgies. Double check the ingredients but i didn't see any corn. I hope it works out!
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Chicken soup for the cat lovers soul Light mixed with 8 in 1 hedgie food. You can also just mix cat foods together. I would not recommend only using the chicken soup as a primary food.

This is the recipe that was given to me from the breeder that we got one of the hedgies from

Purina Indoor Formula (this is the filler)
Maxx Catt Roasted Chicken Flavor
Blue Buffalo Lite

We found that they love boiled chicken, hard boiled eggs and tuna fish as treats, there is alot of other stuff you can give as treats as well.
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As I said, we are having the problem of my daughter breaking out in a really horrible rash because of corn allergy and the corn found in petfoods. I also have to be really careful what I bring in (and Maxx Cat is out, already talked to the company about all this, there is cross contamination) because of shellfish in the food. My daughter went anaphalytic to the catfood we had in the house because there was shellfish in it.

I either have to come up with alternate solutions to feed the animals of I am going to have to get rid of all of them for my daughters health (and that isn't going to make anyone in the house happy).
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Have you thought of bathing the hedgie before your daughter plays with him? What about your daughter wearing gloves. I can give you a list of cat foods that most breeders use and you can do the research on them BUT I cannot recommend a diet that is without them since no one knows exactly what to substitute for them on a permanent basis.
Blue Buffalo Lite
Royal Canin 38 Slim Cat
Royal Canin 37 mini chunks dog
ChickenSoup for the Cat Lover's Soul Lite and Adult formulas

You should look at the health food store and see what is in the ingredients of the holistic/natural pet foods. You want a cat food that the first ingredient is meat and not a meat by-product.
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No corn and no shell fish, that's a tough one. Well, you definately want to give your hedgehog meal worms, wax worms, crickets, and other bugs. You'll also need to provide some type of fiber (although crickets are high in fiber). Other then that, I can just recommend that you keep looking at the ingrediance in cat and dog foods. You could also talk to your vet about a speciality food (He may know of something).
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have you thought about getting murzuri insectivour food from a feed store and mixing it with a high quality cat food.
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