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Post Hedgie treats

Hi I'm new here. I just recently bought my hedgie like 2 months ago. She is 5 months old and her name is Aprilla. I was just wondering what kind of people food I can give her for treats? If any? What kind of fruits and can she have any meat? Can the meat be cold or warm? Does it have to be a certain kind? I also heard of someone giving there hedgie a hard boiled egg. Can you do this?
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One of my hedgies likes chicken and now her new found love turkey. She also likes freeze dried crickets, freeze dried wax worms and freeze dried mealies all in moderation. She likes baby food applesauce and baby chicken (baby food) sorta found that out while I was giving her medicine.

That is all I have tried with mine, and my other is a finicky huffing mess and won't try anything other than his own food.
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Most of mine love chicken and turkey. Just make sure it's not cooked with any spices. Grapes and banana is a favorite. Carrots need to be cooked. Everything should be room temperature. They can have hardboiled eggs.
I have one that just loves "people food" and another that will only eat her kibble.
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Hi Misty! Welcome to PT!

For giving your hedgie people food, the rule of thumb is to basically treat their diet like a small childs. Nothing spicy, nothing difficult to chew and nothing with lots of fat (hedgies have problems with obesity). I would stay away from any dried fruits & nuts and I would skip lettuce, romaine, kale, etc - they don't have much nutritional value.

Fresh fruit & veggies are great for your hedgie. You can try grapes, apples, any kind of melon, strawberries, peaches & bananas. Also try carrots (might want to cook them a little), brocolli, cauliflower, peas, pumpkin, sweet taters (no white taters though).

Baby foods are ok but only feed them about once a week and in small portions. Try to get ones that have good nutritional value (ie. sweat peas, squash, chicken, turkey, yams, etc)

She can have cooked meats like chicken, turkey & salmon (room temperature to slightly warm). Chicken seems to be the biggest hit with most hedgies and is very good for them. I would feed it every other day or so depending on what else you are feeding.

Fresh mealworms, waxworms and crickets are great for hedgies and they love 'em! You can also feed freeze dried if you don't like handling live ones. Feed your hedgie 2-3 a day about 1-2 times a week. There is also this stuff out there called Can-o-worms & Can-o-crickets. That is fine also - it's not freeze dried just preserved in it's own juices.

Just remember to stay away from any foods that are high in fat. Which means you can give your hedgie egg whites, but stay away from the yolks - too much fat. Egg whites are a great sources of protein. Good questions!

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Thanks for all your suggestions. I can't wait to try all these fun new foods with my hedgie Although not all at once of course. Is there anything fun I can do with my hedgie? I mean I know that they don't exactly play. I do take her out so she can just run around on the floor, Or I'll let her sleep next to me while I watch a movie. She usally just looks for a dark place to hide anyway. I did try and stick her in one of those big roll around balls when I first got her, but her little foot got stuck in one of the slits, so I decided that the ball was a bad idea, plus she looks so cute running around on the floor Also how much should she eat in a day? I usally just leave a bowl of food in her cage since she comes out at night, so thats it's there for her. Is this a bad idea? If I start putting it in there during the day, will she wake up during the day?
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If she is young, she should have food available all the time. But other than that it depends on what kind of hog she is. If she sees the bowla and jsut gobbles it down, dont keep refilling it everytime its empty(like a few times a day) becasue She may soon become over weight. Is she is a skinny hog(like my Penny) you can offeer her food during the day to make sure she is not becoming under weight. For my girls i feed them at night, Becasue Bridget is a bit chubby, and Penny wont eat in the day time anyways.
Also, if you offer her food during the day, and wake her up and all taht, she will probably jsut eat it and go back to bed, or not eat it at all and jsut go back to bed..
Hope taht helps!
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I agree with Cait. Since she's still young, be sure she has food (dry mix) available all the time. You can offer her the mealies or whatever in the evening if you want.

Hegies are nocturnal so chances are she will sleep through the day and want to play at night even if you try to rearrange her schedule. Louie is most active while I'm asleep!

Well, hedgies don't really like to play with us like other animals will. But it sure can be fun to watch them! I love to give Louie a toilet paper tube. It's by far his favorite toy! He will stick his head in one end and walk around like a drunk sailor! Try it! Too funny!

I have a small animal play pen (Wal-Mart - approx $10) that I set him up an obstacle course. It's really funny to watch him go up and around all of the stuff. Of course, sometimes I go to all the work of setting it up and then he just lays there!!

Do you have a wheel for your hedgie? They love to run and they all need to have a wheel! Don't use a hamster wheel though, they need to have a solid one.

Let us know which foods Aprilla prefers! And hey, don't forget about a picture!!!
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Thanks for the info. I did give her a tp roll yesterday. Although I didn't see her play with it, I did hear her last night playing with it, and it was moved this morning. I would like to get one of those play pens also, so I don't have to worry about her running under the couch. I don't have a wheel for her yet. Don't really have enough room in her cage I don't think. With her igloo, food dish, blankie and water bottle, I still want her to have room to walk around. When I bought her the guy sold me a 10 gallon tank with her, but I'm begining to think she needs something bigger. In some of the pics I see most of you guys have bar cages. Is this better? Does it matter? I will try and get some pics on by tomorrow. She is very cute
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as for a cage I (and a lot of other hedgie owners) use the 96 quart sterelite storage tubs.(sometimes even 2 are connected together) They only cost about 10 bucks or less. Just drill holes in them & leave the lid off for ventilation.

A glass aquarium really doesn't provide enough circulation and IMO is deffinately not enough space for a hedgie.

(here is how I did Widget's home)

all though in the tub on the left she now has a large wheel in there instead of the tube.
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The kind of cage that Kay has is great! They are fairly inexpensive to make and are the way most hedgie owners house their hogs.

You really don't want to use a 10 gal aquarium! It doesn't get enough ventilation and it's not big enough. And hedgies really need to have a wheel. Since they have a tendency to get obese, exercise is very important. A 10 gal aquarium isn't nearly enough room.

And also, with the playpens, you still have to watch them because they can - and will!! - escape from them. They're sneaky little guys - they can get their noses under it and then they're gone! LOL

Let us know if you have any other questions!
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Ya, i agree that 10 gallon is too small and not enough ventilation. Lots of members use the sterlite containers and some use the C&C cages..(grid type ones) Both work great but you might need a top if your hog climbs.
Also, hogs NEED a solid wheel. My girls have huge cages, but still, barely run around their cage for excersise, they run on there wheel about 95% or the time. A wheel is a msut for keepnig them healthy
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I completely agree Cait. A wheel is a must!
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I went out and bought some of those bins yesterday and will probably have Aprilla's new home set up by tomorrow I tried to take some more pic's of her today, but just couldn't catch her fast enough. OH MY!!!! I came home from work last night, (i work a night job) got home at like 3:30 am and went to check on prilla, and she wasn't in her cage. So I woke up my roommate and was like "hey! Where's my hedgie??? He came down to help me look for her. I did eventualy find her just running around, popped out from a corner somewhere. I was amazed cause her cage is on top of my dresser. Hedgie's must not be afraid of heights cause she had to jump in order to get on the floor. Sneeky little booger!
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dried fruit, dried fruits

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