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What kinds of things can I put in Hamish's cage that would be fun for him to play with? Tried the toilet paper roll....he's not interested. He cant get into it at all, he's too big.
I've heard about using craft foam to create tubes for him to play in..........seems easy enough....foam, a little tape.......and voila!!
But I need some ideas for fun things for him to play with. Any advice would be appreciated.
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I use teeny tiny stuffed things, cat balls with bells in them and foam cat balls. They absolutely LOVE their wheels! If you have a hedgehog they should have a wheel. I don't know if I should consider their blankets a toy or not, however they LOVE pulling them all over their enclosures.

The toilet paper tube is too small for them to fit in but they put their faces in it and walk around running into things and they have a blast doing it.
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Your baby hedgie may just be too young yet for the TP tube, but trust me.. they love it!

Crazy4piggers is right... hedgies MUST have a hedgie safe wheel. They have a tendancy to become obese so running is a must. You do have to be sure to buy a hedgie wheel though and not a hamster wheel. You'll probably have to order it on the internet, I've never seen a hedgie wheel in a pet store. Doesn't mean they don't have them though. Here is a thread that has links for hedgie wheels: Wheels

Another fun item for hedgies... go to any home improvement store and for a couple of bucks, get a few PVC pieces big enough that they can run through. They're easy to clean and Louie loves an obstacle course.

Hegie blankets are another must have. Hedgie people call 'em "hedgie bags". They're made out of vellux or fleece usually. They love to cuddle up in soft blankies. You can go to any fabric store and get some fleece.
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Thanks for the ideas....I had thought of the PVC piping, but I just havent made it to Home Depot to get some.
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Thumbs up toys

At first oreo wasn't intersted in any toys until one morning, when i lifted up his house, it was stuffed with all his toys! even the tp tube! You can cut the tp tube length wise so they can go through it. Oreo will walk aroung with it on his back, looking like a tank! Yesterday when i lifted up his house he had taken little leopard cat mouse, and was snuggling it. He treats it like a baby doll, snugglin' and playing with it! soooo... cute! Just leave some toys in and eventually he'll get interested.
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