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Talking Where is everyone?

I see noone has been on for a while. Just wanted to see how everyone's hedgie is doing? Aprilla is doing fine. Sometimes I wonder how she doesn't wither away, I hear her get on her wheel at night and she just runs for hours and hours and hours. I just love her to pieces
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Haha were still here!
I have been SOOOOO busy with final exams this week, studying like a maniac! Im gonna take some new pics of the girls this week and post em
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I'm here too! Louie's been doing great. Same ol crazy hedgie.

I'm a little ticked at Petsmart though. We bought some mealworms the other day and when we got home they were all dead (Louie doesn't like 'em dead). So we had to go back to Petsmart, which is about 40 mins one way, and thankfully they took them back with no problem and gave us some good ones. But it was still a pain! Oh well, Louie's happy now!
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I haven't got Aprilla to eat mealies yet. Don't really know how to go about it. I'm guessing if I just put them in her food bowl, that they will escape. Then I'll have loose mealies in her home. I have not tried to feed them to her since I got her. She has only had the pleasure of her hedgie food and some bannanas once in a while. Don't want her getting fat ya know. She also had her first vet check up about a month ago and we are a perfectly healthy hedgie. Do you guys clip your hedgies nails when they get to long?? How are you suppose to do this with these little feet? Also prilla needs a bath for her poopie feet. How often can they have a bath? She's only had one since I had her,(you know the emergency bath) don't want to give her to many don't know if it will cause dry skin or not?? Sorry for all the questions. Glad to her all is well cait. Hope your doing well on your exams. Glad louie got his mealies I just love your little guy
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Well, I had a breakthrough today!!!! Little excited here! Truffles, my normaly huffy, popping ball of quills opened up today and actually started licking my hand to no end and then annointed. WOOOO HOOOOO!! My boy is coming around.

My hedgies do not like live mealies, however the LOVE the freeze dried ones. Flukers is the brand that I have found that carries them freeze dried. They also have the crickets freeze dried too, no bugs crawling around my house. EWWWWW...
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Aprilla, glad to hear your hedgie got the ok at the vet checkup!

I don't put Louie's mealies in his food bowl. I hand feed them to him. He gets a few a couple of times a week. You can try taking your hedgie out and just setting a mealie in front of her. As soon as Louie smells 'em he grabs 'em real quick and gobbles them down! It's really cute. You should try some mealies or crickets - they are good for them and they really enjoy them.

You don't have to feed live ones either. Some hedgies will eat the freeze dried mealies & crickets. (My Louie just prefers them live)Here are a couple of links where you can buy them online:
Turtle Cafe
Since Louie likes live ones I haven't really shopped around on the net for good prices on the freeze dried ones. You may want to google it and see what kind of prices you find.

We clip his nails when they look like they need to be done. It's not too often, he wears them down running on his wheel. I'll find you a good link on nail trimming. You can start with this: Nail Trimming Hedgies.com has a lot of great info.

When he gets poopie feet, just fill your sink (or bowl, whatever) with an inch or two of warm (not hot) water and let her walk around. Her feet will get clean and you don't have to give her a full bath. And you're right, too many baths will give them dry skin. Just a little warm water will take care of those poop boots! LOL Louie has to have his feet cleaned frequently.

Congrats Crazy4piggers! Isn't it fun when they finally come around?? I'm glad to hear your boy is doing good.
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doing fine, food bowl

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