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4 mo old pd acting nasty- please help!

My daughter is 17 and bought a male pd about 6 weeks ago. The pet store told us he is 3 mo old when we bought him. That would put him at about 4 1/2 mo old now. When we first got him, we didn't really know what to do with him, just held him, he squirmed away a lot so we bought a bonding bag. He is in a double story ferret cage. The first problem we had was him not sleeping at night and would jump around and scratch and be noisy. So we have come to putting him in a small kennel and putting him in the kitchen so my daughter can sleep at night. (the cage is in her room) We feed him rodent blocks, hay, nuts, oats, dried veggies and fruits etc. He has an exercise ball that we let him run around the house in a couple hours a day. He has started to chase the dogs in his ball! LOL
Anyway, the last 4 days, he has started to become what looks like territorial of his cage, and now his ball. If we reach for him, he stands on his hind legs, paws up and teeth out. He has started biting repeatedly, which has hasn't done in a month or so. He is biting harder than usual and just seems plain grumpy and wants to be left alone. We thought that leaving him in his cage when grumpy would help, but he doesn't seem to care either way. So we started holding him and flicking his nose if he bites. This works most of the time. We have read as much as we can about how to care for them, but I can find very little info on how to train them. Please let me know what we should do.
I have wondered if the pet store was mistake on his age. When do the males start getting their hormones? I read that we should get them fixed before 7 mo. Is he older than we think? Is this normal behavior? And how do we treat it to get successful results? Thank [email protected]
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Flicking him is only going to make it worst. He could be sexually muture already even before six months or he could be sick . Id recommend bringing him to the vet.

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So if we should not flick him, then what should we do? He needs to learn that it is not okay to bite. I know he is smart enough to learn, but sometimes it does seems to make it worse. He will stand on his hind legs and put his paws up like he wants to fight. I don't think he is sick. He looks and sounds healthy. I think he is in rut.
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