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7 year old male prairie dog - sensitive/pain in his genital area

Please help if anyone is familiar with this happening to their prairie dog -
I have been back and forth to the vets and they saw an 'ulcer-like' something in my prairie dogs abdomen-but never said what it was (they didn't know-supposedly this vet is a prairie dog expert, but I know better), he's been taking karafate off and on for a while now, which seems to help; but now when you pick him up and if you touch his genital area/anal area he jumps like it hurts or it's sensitive; sometimes when he's going to the bathroom too - but until now I thought it was his stomach, I realize it's lower now; he was aggitated when I was trying to see if he had a little cut or something but he never chirped or bit me, he just didn't want me to mess with that area; is this something I should be alarmed with? I have many unpaid vet bills that I'm still trying to pay off and not much left on the credit card to take him back in for them to just run tests and never do anything for him; I am very concerned b/c he is very lovable and the light of my life; I would hate for anything to happen to him, but I simply can not afford to take him in right now - especially since I know they never seem to help him - in the past, they did an ultrasound, blood-work, xrays, etc. and never said exactly what it was - I was the one who suggested the karafate (which coats his stomach); so I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this.
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I have had a similar problem with a sugar glider. I understand they are very different animals, especially since the sugar glider has more than one peepee. Any who, I had a pervious problem with a different glider and a breeding wound. A breeder suggested I try an item called colloidal silver. It comes in 2 forms. A liquid that can be put in the water and a topical ointment. It is a strange item, it's not certain how or why it helps in most situation, but it does. I would definitely try the topical ointment. You can get some for the water as well. Just don't over due it. A year or so ago I remember seeing a man on the news that used the ointment on his face for years. and he turned blue. In the face that is. No other adverse reactions were found, just color change . I applied the ointment to my gliders genital area for about a week and it stopped bothering him. Always worth a shot. (he didn't turn blue just incase you are wondering) Good luck
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I just got this; thank you; I'm a lot late!
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