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Question Cow milk for prairie dog treat?

I was eating cereal with my pup running around the room with me and she discovered it in my hands (maybe she smelled it?) and got VERY interested in it right away and nearly dived right into the bowl, which was mostly milk by now. I think she wanted the milk.

So I was wondering if it's unhealthy for them? Not that I'd give it to her often anyway, just curious.
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Prairie dogs are designed for digesting rough vegetation, seeds, roots, grasses, weeds and things like that. While I certainly have no direct knowledge of what they have in their digestive system, my guess would be that they may not have the capacity to properly digest cow's milk, or lactose in general. So I would be worried about it causing bloating and/or diarrhea. For too-young prairie dogs that are separated from their mother, most sources I've read recommend goat milk, or Esbilac (puppy milk replacer) but, like most mammals, their digestive system changes as they mature and wean to normal food. I don't think I would give mine any kind of milk as a regular treat. Prairie dogs do love almost any dry cereal though. I give mine low-sugar stuff, like Cheerios, only a couple at a time, as a treat. They also like the yogurt drops you can buy for rabbit treats. Again, all in moderation... because prairie dogs can easily get obese if over-treated.

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Mine doesn't like Cheerios, oddly enough. I guess no milk for her!
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