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Help with a 3 month old

it's been quite some time since i've had a pd pup. i picked kiwi up from the airport on 9/11. she's since gotten used to her surroundings, loves people, does not bite, just nibbles hard.

the problem i'm having (or maybe this is normal) is all she wants to do is be with me but when i'm with her, all she does is nibble everything. hard. fingers, lips, nose, ears, toes. i tell her a firm no, then put her back in her cage for a few minutes until she's calmed down. i take her out again and the same thing happens. i feel bad because i know she's little and just wants to play. i tried to play with her and she won't do the normal "pd attack/playing" that my last pd did and (i thought) they are noted for. she won't even tear up cardboard i put in her cage. not sure if i should stop expecting these things or if she's too young yet? i'm just having a little trouble because i keep comparing her to my last one who was the "ultimate typical" pd

not quite sure what to do or how to train her. if anyone has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated!
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First of all, congrats on your new baby! Sorry if my typing is off but Im holding one of my babies now. He's over 9 years old and very sick, so I was on here looking for possible answers on what to do, since the vet doesn't seem to know. Anyway, back to your question...
I have had 4 prairie dogs, currently 3 and they all liked to do that when they were young. 2 grew out of it and 2 still did once in a while. Some has to do with personality, but a big part is bonding and spending time with your pd. It sounds to me like yours will grow out of it and she's just playing. Sometimes you may have to put her in a time-out. Tell Kiwi no and if she keeps doing it put her in a dark closed off place (with no toys). Just keep her in there for a minute or two. Oh, almost forgot - Don't ever associate time out with their cage/house.
Prairie dogs all each have unique and individual personalities, it's hard to remember sometimes after having one for so long. For example, you said your other pd liked to "play/attack", Kiwi might feel threatened, so she's reacting or trying to tell you no. Maybe that's it, it's hard to tell since you havent had her but a couple of weeks. It's also good to get her a companion. If you do, just make sure you bond with it first; I learned that the hard way when I was still new to having pds. Like I said earlier, a big part of it is that she's young and new with you. She's testing her boundaries right now. I wish you the best of luck!
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Thanks for the advice Kat! Do you think a small carrier cage will suffice for a time out place?
If I may ask, what's wrong with your little one?
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Hi All babies have different personalities. Dallas was very much like your baby as a pup. Happily he grew up! I would suggest thinking of spaying your girl soon - it will help keep her sweet personality.

My gang are 9 also now - and I had them spayed/neutered as pups and happily they never went into rut.

Kat - hope your baby will be ok
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