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Post How long did it take you to bond with your PD

I recently purchased an 8 week old prairie dog. I've only had him for a few days. He hides in his tunnel when I'm at his cage, but he lets me pet him and eats hay from my hand, but alas, he won't come out of his tunnel. Just wondering how long it took other PD owners to bond with their PD to the point of the PDs jumping to out to say "HI!".

ALSO, Do they sleep with their eyes open?? He looks asleep but his eyes are open sometimes. And sometimes when I'm petting him, he will grind his teeth, which I know for rabbits is like purring. I just wasn't sure if PD do it for the same reason. Thanks! Any other new parent advice is appreciated!
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I would be wary of the teeth grinding, mine do that as a warning. It might mean you're going a bit over what he finds comfortable.

If you've only had him for a few days don't expect a miracle. Mine are still becoming more domestic and I've had them two years. I would say 3-6 months for real comfortable relationship between you and your PD. Just spend lots of time with them, not even playing just around them so they get used to you.
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I figured since I didn't get very many responses, that I would share what has happened recently with those who wanted some insight as well to my question.

Kosh, my PD pup, has been with me for two weeks. The past two days she was taking a few steps "backwards" in bonding and just shaking scared, hiding and wanting nothing to do with us. Well, last night I swear to you, I came home to a completely different PD! She was Ms. Personality! So affectionate, social and silly. Mind you, earlier that day, she was shivering, shaking in the corner. Strange that she could switch so fast.
I guess as a new mom, bonding with my baby meant so much to me and seeming like I was the only owner who didn't get kisses and PD luvin'. I was getting very sad. But I learned that patience, devotion and lots of love was the magic dust for this relationship. Just like it is for everything else in life.
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That is great! My male took awhile to get used to me. He now knows I am his "mother".

And as far as the teeth-grinding. Mine do that when I hold them. They close their eyes and fall asleep grinding their teeth. With mine, I believe they do it when they are comfortable and at ease. Yes, I believe it is like purring. But I know every PD is different in their own way.
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I have noticed mine grinding his teeth occasionally when he is getting love and so I'm assuming also that it is like purring. He also likes to get up on our chest and bury his head in our neck while we "groom" him.
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So I got Kosh (girl) a friend (boy) and here's a quick briefing on how that went. It has been about a month now and they are good buddies. The girl tried to dominate him at first by biting him on the back of the neck and he would squeak all the time at everyone and bite the cream cheese out of me!! It was best putting them in the same cage within the first few days and let them "sort out their differences" and now they sleep together every night and he is slowly coming around and bonding to me. It is a slow process but it feels good that he is warming up and feeling like part of the family!
Kosh, however, has formed an iron clad bond to me that had remained strong since my last update.
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