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Exclamation I Need An PD Expert! Please Help!

I'm thinking of getting a prarie dog pup from Even Keel Exotics (EKE). I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me:

1.) My husband & I had a netherland dwarf until it hit adulthood because we discovered that for what ever reason the adult fur made my husband's asthma act up really bad. He'd wake up unable to breathe so we had to take him to the humane society. I asked EKE if he would be allergic to a prarie dog pup and they assured me that he wouldn't but I want to make sure they're not just trying to force a sale. Is prarie dog fur different from a bunny? As a PD expert, could you weigh in on this? I want to make sure we don't repeat having to get rid of it by adulthood.

2.) When I asked EXE what kind of cage to get they told me a ferret cage would satistfy their natural need to burrow. However in my head I just can't see how that would be true considering it's just climbing and no burrowing. Would my PD be happy in a ferret cage? What kind of cage would you suggest? I researched for a more natural type of habitat that I could set up indoors that wouldn't take up much space (I live in an attic apartment). I found this type to make more sense (remove spaces):
(merckmanuals dot com / media / pet / figures / E09_02_final dot gif).
Would you know where I can buy something like that online? Would that be better for it than a ferret cage?

3.) And my final question is, would there be a more natural way to keep it's teeth and nails trimmed? I really want to avoid having to clip them because I don't trust that I won't hurt it. EXE told me putting pumice stones & cinder blocks in the cage would help with the nails. They also said putting logs in would help keep the teeth trimmed. So is all that tue? Would it know to use the rocks or blocks? Is there something else you would suggest?

I hope I haven't bombarded you too much with questions. I just didn't see anything online about these subjects when I tried doing some research. I want to provide it the best home possible where it can be healthy and happy.

Thank you for taking the time out to read & answer my questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks, Nikki
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Talking maybe I can help...

I dont know about being allergic to PDs....we dont have problems with allergies in our home....we have 3 PDs.
As for an enclosure....we tried all kinds of cages and found that a glass aquarium with a screen top is the best. PDs will drive you crazy with the constant 'plinking' and gnawing of the wire cages. Also, the taller the aquarium, the better....
Our PDs like to sleep in a large round ceramic planter filled with shredded paper ....they like to snuggle in baby blankets too.
About the teeth....take them to a vet to get a dental checkup and they can file their teeth during their visit if it is needed. Their teeth are important to their overall health....we take ours in once a year.'
They do love to chew, so we buy a 'chew log' at Petsmart...they love it...keeps them entertained as well.
I hope these suggestions help. We have had PDs for 4.5 years now....2 males and 1 female...
if u have more questions, just ask.....
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There is a cage called pet hotel. It has three levels and our 11 year old Prairie dog loves it. They need room to move around.
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allergies, cages/enclosures, teeth/nails

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