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Looking for pups? Contact me and do your research!

Donít miss out on this rare opportunity to own a truly remarkable pet!

Limited quantities of humanely captured (not vacuum caught) black tailed prairie dogs will be available late spring 2009.

In 2003, the FDA placed a ban on prairie dogs and other rodent species because they were exposed to the rare zoonotic disease, monkey pox. The ban was established due to a limited outbreak in the Midwest caused by improper quarantine procedures and mishandling of certain species of African rodents that were caged next to prairie dogs, exposing them to the disease. Following 2003, the isolated outbreak was contained and there was no longer any public health threat.

In September of 2008, the FDA removed the ban on the sale of prairie dogs and they are now available to the public in those states that donít have laws prohibiting their sale or possession.

Offering limited quantities of prairie dog pups via the pet trade helps fund relocation of vast amounts of wild prairie dogs when no funding is available to move them. Relocations help save wild prairie dogs from development, poisoning, and worse. They also preserve this keystone species and the numerous plants and animals that depend on them for the future of our nationís prairie ecosystem. It costs a great deal of money to provide well managed relocations; it is not a free endeavor. Providing a few pups to committed, well educated, long-term, and loving homes helps countless wild prairie dogs relocate to where they are protected and valued. I want to make clear that I DO NOT endorse having prairie dogs sit unclaimed in pet stores.

If you are interested in obtaining a pet prairie dog, do not delay. Contact me privately at kato at spro.net for more information. Proper preparations must be made in advance to ensure success with your pup(s). The process must start soon so that you are ready once the pups arrive. It is far better to be proactive with this animal than reactive and any preparations you make early will ensure an easier integration into your home. Again, this notice is intended for anyone wanting to provide long-term, knowledgeable, quality care to a very precious resource. This is not a casual commitment. Pups will be available in late April and you must contact me ASAP to indicate your interest and get the process started.
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