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Newborn Pup
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New PD, and need advice!

I just received my new baby today (born in Spring), and I am just looking for a bit of advice regarding how to most efficiently get him tamed and comfortable. Once I let him out of the carrier, he explored the room frantically with a big grin. Just a bit later, I let him out of his cage, and he again approached me with a big grin. I held my hand out to touch him, and he bit my finger. In fact, because I pulled my finger away, the tip of it is skinned. It bled for quite a bit, and now I feel a bit nervous interacting with him outside of his cage. He does not seem overtly hostile, so I feel like he may have just been "feeling" with his teeth. Nevertheless, he likes to run after me (his body language does not indicate aggression), and it is a bit terrifying, knowing how hard they can potentially bite. How can I let him know quickly that biting fingers is a no-no, without having my fingers bitten once again? I am telling him "no" now when he gets very close to them (through the cage bars), but I don't know if it's having any effect. I don't want to resort to wearing gloves or anything. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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I wouldn't be offering your fingers through the cage bars. That is his sanctuary and poking fingers may be a threat. If they smell food or anything else on your fingers it is their nature to do investigating by biting. You may want to wash your hands before handling him. In our case, the biting stopped. Until it did when we handled our two, we just put our fingers out of reach. Hopefully, you will get over your fear of him. You both need interaction and he needs play time. You may get bitten again but it sounds like it isn't to be aggressive. Just be patient. Sometimes, there aren't quick fixes. Only patience.
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