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New PD owner looking for assistance

Hello I found my girl in a pet store. I saw her and fell for her. they opened her cage and she instantly was all cuddly with me. I have researched alot before I took her home. There is a lot of conflicting info out there. does any one have a good list of good snacks and never to give snacks for my girl?
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Hello!!!!! Congrats!!! A new PD is a great experiencie. They are awesome and you will totaly love her.

PD are animals that normally go fat very easy, they love eating, and getting fat is horrible for them due to healt problems. If they are fat, their life can last half as a normal one. Also, other ilness can appear. These are the reason why giving them a wealthy food is very important.

Regarding food, there are food prepare speacilly for them. Dont use hamster or other roedents one, they have a lot of calories. Perhaps, if you dont have for a short period of time, you can use rabbit one. However, PD doesnt use to like it. Do you know any brand or company that sell special food for PD? If you dont know i can tell you the one I use (I have 3 PD).

Also.... they always need to have dry grass, hay, a lot of them in the cage. They eat it and make their bed with it and fresh vegetables: Lettuce, all kinds, natural carrots (NEVER THE LEAVES, THEY CAN DIE) and friuts: watermelon, melon, and pear. These fruits are better in the summer because they are mostly water.

Regarding snacks: pipe, walnuts, peanuts (not Brazil nuts and almonds), but not daily, perhaps 1-2 per week.

For any further question, please dont hesitate to ask, i am glad to help you

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Than you for the information. I use exotic nutrition praire dog pup food. I have lil girl pup. I think weight is something I am going to have to watch with her because she already has a bit of a pot belly on her. I love her to pieces and boy does she throw some fits when she is told no.
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