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PD was chewing the wires

Our PD was chewing the wires in his cage and causing himself to lose hair...I just wanted to let anyone know who was having similar problems that adding a large wheel seems to have really curbed this behavior and he is doing a lot better. They really love the wheels!
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I'm having the same problem. We have two females in a cage together and they have a wheel and everything which they have nearly beat too pieces be ready to buy a new one soon lol. but one of them chews on the cage bars constantly not only is it annoying but i know its really bad for their teeth and can cause serious health issues down the line if you find any remedy let me know please
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Seriously, my little girl is doing that too! She wouldn't chew the wire so much, but she would slide her teeth up and down the wire which caused her to lose nose hair. I wish she would stop! Uggh!
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Lightbulb Solution To Pd's Chewing/plinking Wire Cages Issue!

I have two PD'S...Walter(male,2.5yrs old) and Noodles(female, 1.5yrs old) and I keep them in a 50-75 rectangular glass aquarium with a screen top. The taller the aquarium, the better. This helps with the damage to their teeth and faces. Don't put anything in the aquarium that they can stand on top of...because they will start chewing on the screen top to try to escape. We use Carefresh paper bedding and they sleep in a cat/kitten bed placed on one side and the food (timothy hay) on the opposite side. The PD'S drink from a water bottle attached to the top of aquarium. I hope this will help.
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Hello!! Sometines they lose nose hair because of the cage and not the wheel. They should have wood to chew and bite. Do u have toys in the cage??
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