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PD suddenly VERY aggressive, help!!

Hello! I am completely new here and unfortunately entering on a negative point. But I need HELP asap!

I got my little PD in mid June when he was about 8 weeks old. He adapted quite quickly and never really displayed any sign of aggression other than some playful biting.

He even stopped that playful biting for quite awhile. For the most part, he spent all of August cuddling, sleeping and being a perfectly sweet little boy. The only time he'd get nippy is when he didn't get his way (ie- us handling him when he didn't want to be held, my dog stealing his carrot, etc.)

Today, he viciously attacked my brother. Eric has all of these cuts all over his arms from Goliath biting him and clawing him. These were DEFINITELY not playful bites. He would not let go. He chased Eric around the house, made this...rattlesnake noise. It sounded like a cat purring, only def. not the same connotations. He puffed up and just went at him. My brother even tried shaking him off and couldn't loosen his bite. His hand and arm were bloody and bitten and I feel so bad. Eric lives with me, so he is certainly no stranger to Goliath. We have no idea why Goliath lashed out on him like that. I suppose he could be intimidating- Eric is quite a big guy and has a loud voice- but then again, in the couple months weve had him, this has never bothered Goliath before.

Later on, I was petting Goliath on my bed and I called Eric in, hoping they could make some kind of amends. Stupid idea. Goliath was practically asleep until he saw Eric and IMMEDIATELY jumped up, puffed up and LUNGED toward Eric in complete attack mode. Eric jumped away from onto the bed and Goliath kept coming after him. We kept blocking him from climbing on the bed with a pillow and but he was RELENTLESS. He finally got Erics foot. Then he went after my sisters foot- and my sister is his primary owner, too. He sleeps in her or my bed with one of us at night. His cage is in her room. She feeds him, etc. And he would have kept attacking her had she not jumped on her desk! I'm not sure if he would have attacked me- I covered my feet with a pillow (and was wearing jeans). But, I was honestly afraid. The only one Goliath didn't go after was my pug!

After he calmed down, a little while later, I came back, gave him a Cheerio and pet him. He seemed ok. Then out of nowhere, he bit my hand. It wasn't as vicious as before but certainly not playful.

I have no idea whats happened. Has he lost his trust for us? Can we get it back? HOW can I have the little sweetheart back and rid the house of this little terror?

The only change thats happened is that up until about a week ago, he roamed the entire house for the better part of his day (with supervision). Now, hes been confined mostly to 1 bedroom (the one with his cage). And like its been from the beginning, hes out of his cage for like 80% of the time. Regardless, he can't go back to running around the entire house because we live with my dad who can't tolerate the turds (though we do let him run free whenever my dad isn't home).

Helppppp! and thank you in advance!!
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I'm getting my PD Saturday so I don't have any experience with them yet but I've been studying alot haha. It kinda sounds like he might be going through rut but he's a little young I think. Normally they go through rut around 2years old. Is he neutered? Other than that I have no idea
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I haven't kept prairie dogs but it sounds to me that he isn't neutered. If that's the case, make an appointment to see a veterinarian experienced with prairie dogs.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!


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part of it may be your brothers hormones trigger something in his hormones that makes him defensive.


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I just read this on the "is a pd right for you" page:

Family Members - They normally bond to one person and will defend that person's immediate area. Over time they will usually get along with other family members but they can sometimes be unpredictable. This pet is not suitable for a child.

It looks like you may be the chosen one my friend!
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It might be because he's alone, and need a PD friend


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I can only speak from personal experience of having my own boys. This may not be true for all pups. The two that I have been blessed with went through a stage of a bad attitude but soon grew out of it. Neither one was/is neutered and both grew into wonderful pets. It is like they needed to show who the boss was. Both of them bit, attacked and "smacked me". I even got scratched in the face. They both grew out of it. For me it was a matter of being patient. It paid off for they were/are a joy to have around. They know no strangers and come up to everyone that visits. Hopefully this will be true for you as well.
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Males especially can bond to one person and one person alone. And as far as rutting goes, your pd shouldn't be experiencing this until late October, so I think it's safe to say that isn't why he's acting out. But it very well could just be his hormones due to h im not being neutered. My boy acts crazy sometimes, though not as aggressive as yours was. Schedule an appointment to have him fixed, definitely. Because you don't want to wait until he's rutting (he'll be going through rut through Spring), then it's too late and you'll have to wait until after spring. And a pd is NOT two years old before rutting, so get this taken care of ASAP or else you'll be dealing with a super terror. Baglady has some good advice though, and it seems as though your pd just prefers your company. My Charlie tends to misbehave more when he's given more freedom; it's almost like they're just trying to push you to see how far they can go. They can be terds, just hang in there and good luck. It will get better, just be patient.
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