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possibly an escaped pet???

Hello all, I am looking for some advice. I live in Winnipeg MB Canada and my mother has discoved what appears to be a black tailed prairie dog in her yard. I have NEVER seen a wild prairie dog in our city, and I am a little concerned that this could be an escaped,...or worse,...set free pet. So I am here for advice. Is it likely that 1 single prairie dog could just show up in someones yard?? It seems to be OK, as it has taken up residence under my mothers shed and is eating garden leftovers right now, but a long cold winter is about to set in on us. I have been toying with the idea of borrowing a friends live trap and putting in some nice Timmy and Alfalfa hay that I have on hand for my chinnies, but came here for advice first. So any thoughts?

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Ok, I have read a bit, so no Alfalfa I see. I do have some nice Oxbow Timothy on hand that would be suitable right?
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Are you sure it's a prairie dog? Richardson's ground squirrels range into that region - and they can look very similar if you haven't seen them side by side to compare. Prairie dogs are quite a bit larger, have very different calls - barks and yips, when ground squirrels tend to have a very high pitched squeak. Richardson's ground squirrels also have more of their tail that is dark, not just the last inch or so, like a black-tailed prairie dog. Ground squirrels also have a slightly different shaped head, more pointed. Some pictures would be helpful. You may want to do some Google searching and compare for yourself. They're quite different animals, prairie dogs should be kept to hays and grasses, the timothy should be fine - but ground squirrels are omnivores, and can eat various seeds, as well as grasses, and even insects. Both can have things like sweet potato, or a bit of carrot.

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Thank you for your reply, we have been googling all morning and into afternoon! It does seem to be a Prairie Dog based on Google images and size ...I THINK..lol. The size of it caused my Dad to momentarily think he was a rabbit. We will keep watching him for a while to try to determine for sure what he is.
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prairie dog?

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