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prairie dog books

Lately I've been really interested in reading about prairie dogs and thought I'd take the opportunity to recommend some books I've read. There aren't a whole lot of books about prairie dogs, unfortunately, but there are a few worth keeping around.

Probably the first book anyone prairie dog owner should read is "Bringing a Prairie Dog Pup into your Home" by Karen Stoica and Betsy Callis with Lynda Watson. It's really the best source of information on keeping prairie dogs that I've ever seen. It's self published, but you can find copies out there for between $10-$20. I bought my copy used from Amazon.

Another really good book is John Hoogland's The Black-Tailed Prairie Dog : Social Life of a Burrowing Mammal. It's a not as much about keeping prairie dogs as pets as it is about how they behave in the wild, but it's a wonderful book and does give insight into why prairie dogs act like they do. It's a little expensive, but still in print. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a little more about how prairie dog colonies function in the wild. John Hoogland has studied prairie dogs in the wild for a long time, and his insight into their social behavior is fun to read.

Anybody else read any good books?
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Another good book is Prairie Dog Pets, by Pat Storer. Lynda Watson helped with it also. It has a special section for your vet which covers several topics including; common health problems, medications,castration & ovariectomy. The medical info. was provided by Jim Gleason, & Phillip Thiac, both DVM's. I dont know anything about P. Thiac, but J. Gleason is wonderful! He fixed both of my male pds. I coulden't find a vet in Amarillo, Tx. who had any experience with pds. I had to drive over 100 miles, but my" babies" are so worth it! I was amazed at the tiny incisions. I have to get off the subject for a moment to share the horrific experience we had with a local vet... I asked if they treated pds. before taking my first male to be fixed. I also took the book I just mentioned. She didn't even look at it apparently. We definitely believe she saw an opportunity to explore a new species. Beefcake's incision was almost as big as my hysterectomy scar. She cut him pretty much from stem to stern. he didn't get any real rest for weeks. He couldn't sleep in any of the typical pd . positions. He did what we call the Zuni bear position for weeks. I have never felt so low in my life! Back to the subject...another book I like on pds, is Prairie Dog: Sentinel of the Plains by Russell Graves. It's mainly general information, but has many beautiful photos.
Russell is preparing a site to reintroduce prairie dogs this summer. If the FDA approves, we will donate the animals. If we don't get to move them, these animals will be eradicated.
If anyone knows anyone else who is interested in reintroducing pds. to their property, please contact Deana asap. thanks
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Exclamation Prairie Dog Books

I know it's been a while since you wrote your remarks, but I just found this and I am concerned about one of your remarks.

Be very careful about the book written by Pat. In her book she mentions about feeding prairie dogs alfalfa, bad idea. Very bad idea. I just wish pdjenn could respond to your questions on caring for prairie dogs, she's really good and has been caring for them for some time now.
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