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Sample letter to help Citizens for Prairie Dogs

Here is a sample letter for anyone interested in helping to stop the poison of the prairie dogs at the Lubbock Land Application site. Please try to not attack too strongly and try to appeal to them in a manner that they care about since it is obvious they don't care about the prairie dogs. Maybe recognizing impact on growth, economy, environment and tourism would be heard more readily.


-----Original Message-----
From: Gena Seaberg [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Sunday, April 02, 2006 1:11 PM
To: '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'
Cc: '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'
Subject: Lubbock Land Application Site

It was recently brought to my attention that once again the City of Lubbock purposes to poison prairie dogs, and their recently born offspring, at your Lubbock Land Application Site. I was extremely shocked and surprised to discover this news with the outcry that had occurred two years ago when your city proposed to take such measures when more humane and environmentally friendly options could be utilized. The statement the City of Lubbock is making by these actions to the general population, your constituents, and to those of us observing your actions in other parts of the country and abroad, demonstrate that once again, Lubbock prefers to put nature and its preservation for our future generations on the “back burner” because it is simply the easier road to travel. If your concern is that prairie dogs may be contaminating groundwater, how does using lethal poison prevent such contamination and not make it worse?

I visited Lubbock a year before the last time you proposed to take such actions out of personal interest in this case and I really couldn’t believe what little action, if any, your city wanted to take to facilitate and permit interested parties to capture and relocate these prairie dogs in order to provide a more humane alternative to your situation. The same issue is facing Lubbock today and yet you cannot see how it could be more publicly and economically beneficial to take a more positive approach by taking the time to obtain an FDA permit (which are easy and fairly quick to obtain for this sort of transaction) for the capture and relocation of these animals by organizations that can assist with these matters, allowing them access to the site, and establishing a reasonable deadline to have the situation manageable and under control. Yes, it is quick and easy to poison but what message are you sending to our youth and our future by your actions when more reasonable alternatives are ready, willing and able to help you?

The last time this matter was addressed, many people, including myself, provided fairly simple and economical recommendations about ways to manage this matter, have you forgotten those suggestions or does it matter how Lubbock looks to the rest of our country? Due to the nature of my work, I routinely talk to people about prairie habitat and preservation of prairie ecosystems. I have even wanted to send clients to your state for the purposes of acquiring land and generating significant revenue to aid in such preservation. Many of my clients, by your actions now, would be appalled to invest in such a place that can’t take simple action to preserve something that they believe in, our future. Wouldn’t it be a better choice to send the message that you do care about your native species, find a way to promote them through the tourism industry as one of Lubbock’s native and cherished mascots, and try to find a way to reap some benefit to what is in your own backyard? I would like to help your city generate more revenue through tourism and growth, take the higher road to help me to do that.

I understand that Lubbock has done some positive steps in promoting the prairie dog with your Prairie Dog Park. However, by comparison to what you are doing with this poisoning measure, the numbers of animals you will destroy far outweighs the number that is at that Prairie Dog Park. Again, I have visited your city and know this to be true firsthand. The destruction will far outweigh what they see in that park and basically nullify what positive steps you have taken. Why not continue to do the right thing? If it is a matter of funding to plant more grass seed and water to absorb more wastewater, I know myself and many of my clients would be happy to donate to the cause and contribute to grass seed, etc. Better yet, simply allow capture and relocation organizations access to the site to help control the population annually.

The last time I wrote about this matter, after I saw the site firsthand, I suggested that you might spread more grass seed along the outside perimeters of the site, not just under the central pivot areas. That, and a water truck to get the grass growing outside of the pivot sprinkler areas where the water doesn't reach. I could have sent you grass seed if that was an issue, and I'm sure you have access to a water truck that could have watered long enough to get the grass established for the prairie dogs to eat in a more suitable spot. So why has this action not been pursued since the last time the matter was of concern? It may have taken a few weeks to get the grass established but then once it is growing, the prairie dogs wouldn't pose a threat to where lush grass is growing under the central pivot areas primarily responsible for absorbing wastewater. Prairie dogs would much rather avoid the threat of being sprayed by a pivot sprinkler if given a safe place to graze. As mentioned last time, I would concede that the city would have to periodically help to manage the site by reseeding and watering to keep the perimeter land producing. I'm sure it wouldn't have been too expensive of a solution versus the negative press you receive by poisoning a indigenous species.

To date, I have worked with and have talked to well over 30,000 people about prairie dogs and prairie habitat and how integral the prairie dog is as a keystone species to other wildlife but to prairie habitat in general. I work with zoos, conservation groups, sanctuaries, pet owners and other organizations that would be greatly interested in visiting such places in our country that appreciate and take steps to preserve our dwindling prairies. Please help me to do my work and help me to positively promote Lubbock as such a place.

People that visit Lubbock should see all of the positive things your city has to offer, the Buddy Holly museum, the Moody Planetarium, the Ranching Heritage Center, but most of all they should see what you have to offer most, prairies and the animals that support them.

It is my hope that you will take the time to respond to my letter by email or phone and if there is anything that I might be able to do to help promote this in a positive light, please help me to do that. Please help me to explain to my seven year old son how your actions positively impact his future or the future of the youth in Lubbock. Thanks for your time and prompt attention to this matter.

Gena Seaberg
Consultant for Prairie Dog Care Domestically and Abroad Since 1995
2023 Adams Avenue
Everett, WA 98203
425.265.0818 office
425.870.1729 cell
[email protected]

cc: Senator Robert Duncan, District 28 via direct email

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, via direct email

Governor Rick Perry, via direct email
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I would love to help out, things like this get me mad. Where do we send our letters to please?
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Gena posted these in the previous thread so hope she doesnt mind I just post them again or at least these are who mine were sent to:

Marc McDougal, mayor, 806-775-2010, [email protected]
Linda Deleon, city council member, 806-775-2027, [email protected]
Floyd Price, ccm, 806-775-2007, [email protected]
Gary Boren, ccm, 806-775-2011, [email protected]
Phyllis Jones, ccm, 806-775-2008, [email protected]
Tom Martin, ccm, 806-775-2011, [email protected]
Jim Gilbreath, ccm, 806-775-2031, [email protected]

KMAC News and KLBK News: 806-745-2828, [email protected]
KCBD News 806-744-1414, [email protected]
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Thanks for posting the contact info!
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Thanks for that, I shall send one to each. I hope it works
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I thought this was illegal in the first place, aren't some prarie dogs endangered?
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It's not illegal as most developers and contractors dont want to wait for the permits nor the time to arrange for rescue teams to retrieve and relocate the PD's if they have property to do so. There are alot of teams out there trying to do as best possible to prevent these types poisoning but sometimes it's to no avail. PD's arent on the endangered listing presently I believe but if not then it wont be long before they are. Yes lots of other species are dependant on the PD for survival such as the black footed ferret, burrowing owls, etc. Pd's do a great deal for the survival of our ecosystem in the mid and south west. But many rather see that extra dollar in thier pocket then see this fabulous species survive which is a tragedy in itself. (petition for listing)
and here are additional information regarding your question

I have the black tailed PD's and anyone that really had the time to see how these little guys/gals live and show affection it would break your heart to see how many are just literally slaughtered on a daily basis in the name of progress.
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Smile My sick baby :(

I can't express how thrilled I am to have found a website dedicated to animals, and especially one about prarie dogs! I first logged on to try to find any information I could because my 3 year old is sick with breathing difficulties In my search I was lucky enough to find this page and some previously listed articles from 2005 that talked about the sort of sickness she seems to have, nonetheless we are still going to take her in to the vet tomorrow to find out exactly what's wrong. I'm just nervous about doctors! I hope they have studied enough on PD's to know what they are talkin' about, I love my sweety! Also, I was glad to read about the alfalfa, because my boyfriend recently bought her some and would still be feeding it to her if we haden't read a post. I have tried to feed her raw carrots, and cooked green beans but she's very finicky.. any suggestions? I also thought I remember reading that there is a book out there for PD's that is highly recommended? Love! Thanks.
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Try Prairie Dog Lover's Burrow | Plight of the prairie dog.. as pets and in the wild as there is a lot of great information there. The site also has information related to medical and other necessary care to include some vets who are experienced with PD care. Also check with your vet about obtaining some Critical Care for Herbivores to have on hand if needed as it's very important to keep thier nutritional status when they are ill. I keep a pound canister in my freezer at all times. I give mine raw green beans, small slice of sweet potatoes, Romaine Lettuce (only other lettuces can make them very ill), thawed frozen peas, small pieces of watermelon, they love Cheerios and also Mini Wheat Cereal (plain dont use the frosted). I only use Oxbow Timothy Hay and give them Oxbow Oat Hay also. Here's the link to same Oxbow Pet Products | Welcome Some give Orchard grass but mine dont seem to like it. I also give them fresh dandelions greens (ensure from a yard with no herbicide/chemicals), fresh cut grass. I keep a can of Goat's milk handy as when I have had PD's with Odontoma I would mix it with the Critical Care and baby food to at least get some nutrition down them. Dont give any other type milks and only when they are not taking anything else use the goats milk. You can give them baby food sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, bananas if teeth or breathing is an issue that they cant chew well. I also on rare occasion give them fresh slice of corn on the cob (absolute love this). Once a week they get a 1/2 inch slice of fresh overripe banana. Every so often they do get an unsalted peanut in the shell to tear into. But check the website addy above and you'll find alot of info there also. You can feel free to pm me if you need some additional help and I'll try to guide you to the right person or place for the info. Also be sure what vet you use has experience with PD's. If not then find one that does.

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