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Talking Thinking of getting a PD pup!

Hello, I'm new to the forum and I'm very much considering a PD! I recently had my boy guinea pig pass away from bacteria infections in his intestines... Which was very hard for me to get over. I did take him to the vet, she gave him 3 medications which didn't help very much. I have always fancied prairie dogs, and I figured I'd join a forum group that has a dedication forum for PDs!

When I was younger, my aunt baby sat a Pd named Squeakers and she had a container that people use for medications per day, that had a lot of vitamins and stuff he took everyday/every week. Is that necessary for all PDs?

I was considering getting a multi-leveled chinchilla cage that is ~ 2.5x18x3 feet that I've used when I had my chinchillas.

I'd like opinions/facts to lead me correctly:
What food do you use?
Best way to bond/train?

I live in Houston, Tx so I am considering going to S&S Exotics, I have been there 3 times and it is fairly nice. I do want a pup, so I'm willing to wait til the correct time.

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lol i live in RI and just had one shipped from s and s i can give you what i know: they need lots of timothy hay. oxbow is a good brand. also i think the pd mix of food they have from s and s is good. veggies and some fruits. mine currently eats carrots, cucumbers, grapes and apples. plenty of wood chews and toys. i noticed the like fabric for bedding. i have a ferret bed that looks like a big slipper. she loves it! a thing about cages...if your prairie dog is somewhat normal, it will chew the cage bars and be extremely annoying lol not only that, they can get a patch of missing fur just over their nose from the bars rubbing when they chew. this could also cause odontoma, which you have to be careful about. people i talked to said a cage with 1/2"x1/2" spacing between bars are good, that way they cant really chew. they also like to climb up the side of the cage sometimes. thats okay, but sometimes they can fall and hurt themselves. just take that into consideration when looking for a cage. there is a thread on here with links for good cages. ill try to find it and post it hope this helps and good luck if you decide if you decide to buy a little baby! if you get one soon, it will probably be one that was housed with mine lol
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That is soo cool you just got one from there! I've popped in there in the last year quite a few times, specifically b/c reptiles since I own a bearded dragon I'm always interested in specialty stores.

I unfortunantly cannot afford to buy one just yet, I'm saving up since I'm only working weekends because of college and all. I work at a local pet store, so I have a variety of cages to choose from. But I will be sure to get bars 1/2 apart so he/she can't chew.

I'm used to the hay diet and fruits and veggies since I've had a hand full of guinea pigs in the past 3 years. But I'm glad these guys don't have a whole lot of health issues that can come up from a lack of something here and there, like pigs do.
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My Vet told me that also need Kale, a tiny bit of Alfalfa, Romain Lettuce Dandelion greens (watch out for Chemicals) occasionally oat hay (yummy), orchard hay, and occasionally some sweet potato, but keep that to special occasions.

My females love the sweet potatoes, which I give to them once in a great while.

Oxbow is really good, but I also use Brisky's and Exotic Nutrition which has Prairie Dog Booster to make sure they are getting enough nutrition. They love it, but don't over do.
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