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Question Want to be a new PD Mom

I've done my homework & am now ready to adopt a pd. They are fascinating creatures and extremely entertaining. I have a few questions & would appreciate any input.

1. Do pd's smell?
2. Can they be trained to only use their litterbox?
3. Are Wood stove pellets good for the litterbox? (Have u ever used them)

After searching the Internet I came across two exotic animal dealers Even Keel Exotics & Janda Exotics. Is anyone familiar with these companies?

Looking forward to your responses. Thank you.
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My prairie dogs have no appreciable smell, besides their hay. Which I use as food and substrate. They tend to pick one area of their cage to use as the bathroom, so you could certainly put a litter box there, but there's no guarantee it will consistently be used as the bathroom. Mine are constantly rearranging things, sometimes they'll use the box for what it is intended for, and then after a full cage cleaning, it's a bed until the next cleaning. Ignored next time around, etc.

I've never used wood stove pellets for litter, but don't think I would recommend it. They're made with a mixture of sawdust, and who knows what else to bind it. Prairie dogs will generally chew on anything you put in their cage. Without being sure the ingredients are safe for them to eat, I personally wouldn't risk it. Plus, they'll most likely just dig them all out of the litter box and make a mess of it anyway.

I've never dealt with either of those exotic dealers, sorry can't help there.

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Thumbs up Thank you

That really helped me a lot after reading the musky odor may be offensive, elsewhere I became concerned. The litterbox training sounds like a work in progress, lol, but as long as it hits the inside of the cage I'll be happy. Once again, Thanks.
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As far as your breeder questions go ... there are a lot of things online that suggest you shouldn't go through Even Keels. I was just reading different things about them a couple days ago. There is even a fb page against him. However, I have not dealt with him myself. This is just "reviews" I've read online. I have not read anything bad about Jandas Exotics. I am actually planning to get my baby from them, if possible, this season. She has been very friendly and has answered all of my numerous texts/emails with silly questions.
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I'm going to be getting a baby with next year's babies. I am going to use either Janda Exotics or Helen's Little Critters. Good Luck!
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I got my baby girl from Jandas Exotics this season. We picked her up from the airport April 20th. We couldn't be happier with our girl or all the help we had from Ashley at JE's. Our baby girl "Thumper" is by far the sweetest most socialized baby we could have ever expected to get. We won't even consider going through anyone else now.
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