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what is your daily pd menu

I feed hay or different grasses, an prairie dog pup pellets from exotic nutrition, some hay cubes, sometimes grapes a slice of sweet potato.
When I had my first pd over 10 yrs ago, I was told to feed dog food and dried corn. Now they have pellets for PD's. I have read conflicting info on what to feed them. Please help. Tell me what you feed daily and how much.
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My prairie dog eats a lot of different things. First of all he wouldn't touch dog food with a ten foot pole. they are in no way shape or form a meat eater like a dog. I always have a supply of hay available. He also gets a small amount of lettuce everynight (not iceburg) (he also sometimes gets spinach, kale, brussle sprouts, green beans, corn, carrots, cucumber, peas) I partially crack almonds for him. (this gives him stuff to chew open) He also gets either some sweet potato or butternut squash, sometimes I give him sweet potato baby food, he seems to like it better than regular sweet potato. He also gets oatmeal (uncooked)some sunflower seeds, acorns. He loves peanut butter. and he also loves mac and cheese, or just any cheese for that matter. although the mac & cheese and peanut butter are not a normal, just a special treat . I do have a pelletted hay food available to him but he rarely eats it. hope this helps.
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Nature's Recipe vegeterian dog kibble is OK to give them. Pure timothy hay, freshly sliced sweet potatoes, bunnyT pure timothy hay pellets, cheerios, are all good for PD's.
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prairie dog diet

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