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Question About sugargliders??

Hey everybody! I have never seen one of these facinating creatures before. I was woudering if someone could tell me a little bit about them? Are they hard to take care of? Are they messy,noisy? Do they reqire a lot of attention? What do they eat? Misty
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Sugar Gliders are a big commitment. To have a happy friendly well bonded baby you need to play with it for at least 2 hours every evening. They are also nocturnal so are asleep during the daytime and come out at night to play so they are better for people who don't go to bed early.

They are pretty messy as they need a diet which includes fresh fruit and veg and they like to suck the juices out and throw the rest away so the walls can get covered as will the cage and the floor if you don't take precautions. Our wall has an old sheet nailed to it which we can take down and wash and we also have a bird skirt round the cage. This helps with the mess. The fruit does attract fruit flies though and if you don't keep up with cleaning and removing what they don't eat you will soon have a herd of fruit flies in the room!

Do they require a lot of attention? A couple of hours an evening would be a good idea. Some people carry their gliders round with them during the day in bonding pouches too. It would also be better if you bought a pair. One Glider on his own would need even more attention. Gliders that are lonely and bored will mutilate themselves.

We feed our Gliders fruit and veg and BML mix, there is also a Suncoast Diet that is supposed to be good and another one that I can't remember the name of. Then they have treats of Yoghurt, apple sauce and mealworms to name a few.

Apart from all this they can be a very sweet and loving pet if handled and treated properly.

Did I put you off or do you want more info?

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Sugar glider isn't for me right now I don't think. Maybe some day I would like to have one. I own 1hedgehog right now, pretty easy to handle. Thanks for the info though For the time being I'll just look at all your peoples pics
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How big do these guys get? All the pics I have seen, they look real small.
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They are on the small side. I would say alittle smaller then a chipmunk. You can see pic's of my baby's here
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Cute pictures!

Btw, I didn't know you have a hedgie!!
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I have a house full lol
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sugar glider, sugar gliders

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