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To buy or not to buy...I know, go to a breeder.

To buy or not to buy....but I want a couple of sug's so much.
I have been doing my research on sugargliders like a good person shall before purchasing any new cute critter. I live in Doylestown, OH so I have been searching for breeders in the area or within surrounding states of a 5 hours drive. I thought I hit a jackpot when I located one in Akron, OH only 20 min. from here. This breeder is the only one without an address or phone number to be found on the entire website. Anyway, I was out with my sister who knows of my interest and found a sugarglider in a petstore. I went in just to adore and wound up 'trying' to hold a "hand-reared, very tame 13 week-old female". I waited a couple of minutes before attempting to hold her, then I got bit 3 times (she didn't break the skin but she was grinding her jaws with an absolute refusal to let go). First she bit my thumb, then the ball of my thumb, and finally my wrist. I thought she was going to keep climbing up to my face! After all this, she jumped for all her might and ran wildly about the store for 15 minutes.
OK, now for my question. Is this what I am to expect of cute new critters that I want or is this another petstore horror story?
The employee refused to relinquish the breeder of the sug. and inspite of my ordeal...... I did not buy!
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That's a tough call, and one only you can decide. Personally, i would find a breeder. I'll check around too, I "think" I may know of a few.
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There are lots of good breeders in Ohio:

Glider Anonymous, which I think is the one in Akron? You can find Tonya at her forums -located in North East Ohio

The Annual Sugar Glider Get Away is also being held in Ohio in July.

I would go and visit one or more of the breeders above and spend time visiting with the Joeys.

I don't have a phone no. or address on my website either. If we did the phone would be ringing all day long and people would be dropping by without an appointment; we would never get anything done. If you want to speak to them by phone, rather than email, send them an email with your phone no. and ask them to give you a call.
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Thank You so much for the breeder list. I see where you could be over-whelmed with un-appointed guests...I didn't think of that. I was thinking, then how do I talk to someone to set an appointment?

An event in Ohio?!! Sounds like fun! Do you have any other details (date, time, county)?

One last ques.: Will most breeders let me hold a variety of joeys so that a joey (or two) may choose me?! This method has always proven itself best with all my critters.
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Thumbs up

I can vouch for Jennifer at Pocket I have White Face possible Leucistic het from her.. she's wonderful.. I would highly recommend her to you.. She lives in Dorsette and urged a phone conversation with me before she would agree to sell her to me.. I'd email her and she'll chat with you on the phone if you want to..
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Pet Store Gliders

I got my sugar glider from a pet store, and he never was what you could call "tame." He would let me pet him, but I had to steal the pets, and he would sit on my shoulder for short periods of time, then leap off. I had great fun with him, but gave him to a lady that had a lonely female glider. She said they get along famously!! I'm so happy for him. He had kind of a lonely life at my house. I work alot, and only had about an hour to spare to be with him everyday. I really miss the little stinker, though. (And I DO mean STINKER!) Males have a very musky smell that kind of permeates the room they are in! A hand raised glider would be so much fun! Just be sure you are ready for a long term committment. I ended up with mine because my daughter got into a situation where she couldn't keep him. I know he is happy where he is now!
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DeguCrazy here is some info on it..

SGGA 2006 Hotel
Ramada Inn, Hotel & Conference Center
11911 Sheraton Lane
Springdale, Ohio 45246
Toll Free Number: 1-877-573-6612

But the best place to get your ticket would be at because that is who its held by....
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I held a glider at a saturday market type thing. It bit me like you described. I automatically knew not to buy from this bredder. I had done my research, and this breeder was selling onesies and said they would be fine in a really tiny rabbit cage. You can pick the brain of the petstore people and if they tell you things that you know are not ok, like just feed them peanuts and cat food, you know that the seller probably isn't the best choice.

i wouldn't buy exotics from a pet store personally. i did with my hedgie and he's wonderful, but i had to nurse him back to health, and the vet bills added up. You can try to see if the petstore will let you take it to the vet and put it on paper that they will take it back, or have the pay the vet bills it if you find problems or illnesses. As much as you think you can help a petstore glider by buying it, it will just get replaced and more gliders will suffer. hope this helps a little.
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I am not buying a glider, or any other pet, from a petstore. Breeders only for me, from now on. I visited another petstore that advertised, via a sign on a wall, that they had a "very tame 6 mo. old female. Cage, glider, and all accessories for only $100.00." I inquired of her whereabouts to find that she was directly in front of me! She was brought in by an owner no longer wishing to care for her lonely, very crabby self in the smallest bird cage that I have ever was only 14" high and square. I asked the clerk what they feed her (though I am not a glider expert, I do know what is wrong). She said "various pellets from the other pets within the store and hotdogs". (she honestly said this!) I asked if the glider ever receives mealworms, etc., she said, "Oh, no. They should never eat insects."
I noticed early from looking around this petstore that they were also selling 3 Degus; mom and her 2 daughters. I own 3 degus myself (I have more knowledge/experience in these critters so I asked the clerk another question) What does she feed the degus?
"Only Rabbit pellets and lots of fresh fruits. *OMG* (...this diet will make degus diabetic!)
I left soon thereafter with a terrible feeling in my gut that I should have 'rescued' the glider and 3 degus. But, like you said, more critters will take their places if I purchase them. It is so horrible that critters must suffer at the hands of the ignorant, or those who could care less. I so wish that I could become a 'rescue or foster haven' for critters so they may in turn discover the love that God intended for them.
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Thought about turning them in to the local humane association or game and fish depts?? They could get in HUGE trouble for having these types of animals and not caring for them properly..
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