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Crazy Glider on our Hands

Hey Guys
Im not new to this forum I just don't put up alot of threads because most of my questions are answered through yalls forums.
I do however have a few concerns regarding my crazy sugar glider.

Ok, to put it lightly, shes insane. I mean like shes "bonded" to me in a way that shes a little obsessive. I let her out to run around, but when its time to settle down she'll run in my shirt but when I try to hold her or anything, she'll bite, poop and run. Somtimes pee. She only likes to be in MY shirt and be pet. She doesn't like being held or even being seen outside my shirt.

Is this normal? Can a sugar glider be potty trained to not poop on people. Before I take her out everyday I let her go to the bathroom of course but I still find myself having the same problem. And can a sugar glider be trained to BEHAVE! lol. Yeah it's a bit stressfull trying to handle her. Any help would be kind. Thanks yall!

~Ashley, 19, Wilmington, N.C. (2nd yr student at UNCW)
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hey and welcome! My name's Kristina and I've owned gliders for about 7 years. I have three sugar gliders. I have one (who's a male) who is just like your lil dude. He's very clingy and paranoid. He will bite sometimes too when forced to come out of my shirt. I would assume that's just their personality. Your glider feels safe and comfortable in your shirt and would prefer to stay there.
As far as the bathroom part, I do not believe there is any way to potty train them. I just take my guys out and let them go to the bathroom on a paper towel before I handle them which has worked pretty well for me. They just like to go when they feel like it lol, no matter where it is.
Oh and I have one question for you. What do you/did you do with your glider in college? Is he/she new? I am paranoid about heading off to college soon and figuring out what to do with my little guys. Do you have an apartment? thanks!
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Well looks like I'm just going to have to deal with a clingy sugar glider that owns ME. lol. My b/f has an apt and I basically live here so I just keep them here. If youre living in a dorm I don't suggest bringing your gliders. But I have made it work with an apt. My situation was a single brand new baby glider. The glider doesn't have any other gliders to hang out with and has a smaller cage, but shes never in her cage, like ever, I always have her (in my shirt of course) and its been working out rather then the stubborn pooping part. It was very challanging getting to this point especially with all the the things working against me ie-not too big of a cage, a single un-trained sugar glider, and an apartment. But with me I have had NO training in sugar gliders and I have bonded nicely with mine. Even though shes ALWAYS in charge. So if I can do it, you definitely can granted you don't live in a dorm.
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Yeah I lived in an apartment with my boyfriend and its been challanging for me considering I have not had any initial experience with sugar gliders. So I have had to train my little girl under pretty inconvenient conditions (ie-the cage size, the apt, the fact that I only have ONE glider baby, and the class situation) but as hard as it was to juggle all my responsibilities I have succeeded in having a fairly normal (yet clingy and stubborn) glider. I mean its good that she loves being around me and in my shirt, but its hard to get her to enjoy being held and handled. She'll jump to other people and chill with them, shes very social, but she only does what she wants when she wants and if i try to pick her up, she gets pissed and will bite and poop. But rather then that, I think you will definitely be able to work it out granted you don't live in a dorm where he can get easily lost.
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