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Hi I'm new to Paw-Talk and I was just wondering if anyone could give me some Sugar Glider information. My dads ex used to have 2 of them and I remember that they were just SO interesting and adorable, but I was just too young to fully appreciate them. Then last week I saw a pair of Gliders living in a store. The man told me that the female had a baby or two on the way and that I could put my name down for one or two if I wanted, so I told him to call me when they made their arrival. I really want sugar gliders but I dont want to say yes for sure unless I know everything about them. I dont impulse buy pets because it just isnt fair to them. I own 12 Degus and I give them the best care possible, I would want to do that for my Gliders too. If anyone could give me some information or the name of a good site, it would be muchly appreciated. I want to know everything about these amazing little creatures..
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Hi welcome to PT! Looking fowards too seeing some pics of your pets .

Here are some links i found, not sure whether their good enough.

Not much, but i'll look around for some more if you don't find any good info .
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Thank-you! the sites were very helpful
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I've never owned gliders before but I've read that the BML diet is the best for them - it's pretty involved. Here is a link to some info about it:

The maintenance required for a proper sugar glider diet is the only reason I have never looked into them as pets. I'm not sure there is a simple, easy to feed diet for them (like pellets) but one recipe lasts a month for one glider!
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It really depends on the pet store, but it is generally not a good idea to buy a sugar glider from a store. Its usually much better to get one from a breeder. But check out the pet store, see what they feed them, how tame they are, what they know about taking care of them.
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I have read a lot, that they don't like to be all alone. They say to buy them in pairs, or more. You can always start with one and add on too! good luck! I'm looking into getting a few too!
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The BML diet is what we feed and I love it! Its not a hard diet to make and with only one glider it will last a month. We also feed frozen mixed vegtables, fruit and yogurt every night. I see how great the rescues do on this diet and am amazed, I had one pair that was neon orange when they came in on a diet of cat food and birdseed. Within 2 months they had white stomachs and were looking so much better.
Gliders do better in pairs, I get in lots of lone gliders and once paired up they seem so much happier. If you have a lone glider it should be with you most of the time or it can get depressed and even die.
Its great you are wanting to do your research before getting a glider, they are not hard to care for if you know how and get good information on care.

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